5 Things WCW did better than WWE


Now it goes without saying that WCW by the year 2000 was the biggest garbage you could see when you turned on your television. Vince Russo was clearly on drugs and Eric Bischoff had lost his smile. But there was a point in time where the WCW was by far the best wrestling promotion in the world and had some really good ideas. Let’s take a look at 5 Things WCW did better than WWE.

5. Tag Team Wrestling

WCW did better than WWE

I’ll start off with this one because we cry for tag team wrestling to get treated better in the WWE. If you’re not The New Day or The Usos you’re not going to be used consistently. The WCW however had their tag team division so stacked that they needed mid-card titles. The WCW had the United States Tag Team Championships (Mid-Card) and The World Tag Team Championship (Main-Card) and they had the depth in their tag team division to make this work. They had teams like The Von Erics, The Blue Bloods, Hollywood Blondes, The Steiner Brothers, Harlem Heat, The Outsiders, and the Horsemen. They all put on great matches and made the titles feel important. WCW even had introduced the Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships for a brief run.

4. Cruiserweight Division

Triple H put his stamp on this by launching the first-ever CWC. It was amazing seeing some of the top Cruiserweights in the world put on some absolute clinics. However, this was an idea stolen from WCW as Eric Bischoff in the mid-90s added stars to his cruiserweight division. Thus giving guys like Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio Jr, Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko, and all the other smaller guys opportunities to shine. Not only did they shine but they stole the show.

3. PPV Concepts

WCW did better than WWE

We’ve seen the WWE ruin cool concepts for years now with shows like Hell in a Cell, Elimination Chamber, TLC, Extreme Rules, etc. Having these shows yearly takes the shock factor and credibility of the match away. The excitement level is was way different from when Eric Bischoff announced the first-ever Elimination Chamber match for SummerSlam. The WCW, however, had everything lined up perfectly hosting fan favorites like Starrcade, Halloween Havoc, Spring Stampede, Great American Bash, and World War 3. There never seemed to be an out of place WCW PPV.

2. War Games

Now we all love William Regal’s announcement of War Games in NXT but there’s no denying that WCW had come up with one of the better gimmick matches in wrestling with War Games. Go back and watch some of the legendary matches War Games has produced in WCW. The Dangerous Alliance, The Four Horsemen, Sting, Savage, Luger, The NWO, and more have put on some great matches inside War Games! And we have one person to thank for it. The late great Dusty Rhodes.

1. Talent Booking

In the WWE we see 50/50 booking in just about every single program because…..Why not. In the WCW however that was not the case in a lot of programs. They would put wrestlers over clean and make their stars look very strong. Goldberg is evidence of that method as WCW understood that you can’t have a wrestler dominate an entire build to a match and then put them in a split series of 3 or 7. 50/50 booking has been the demise of intriguing storylines in the WWE. However, HHH and NXT seemingly have gotten down how to book outside of the WWE box.

What else do you guys think that WCW did better than WWE? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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