NJPW Top 3 Wrestlers To Join WWE or AEW

Wrestling is in a renaissance where there is a lot going on within many of the companies. The two main companies being WWE and AEW. However, NJPW is a great alternative. However, they bring in a certain audience and they are all the way in Tokyo. With that being said there are 3 wrestlers I would like to see come from NJPW and try their luck in the states and sign with either WWE or AEW.

Kazuchika Okada

NJPW Top 3 Wrestlers

Kaz Okada has been a mainstay around the main event of NJPW forever. Now you would think before his career is over. He would want to jump over to the big stage with WWE and show the guys how it’s done . He has worked with the likes of Chris Jericho, Naito, Jay White, Kota Ibushi, Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, and Will Ospreay. Dude is a workhorse and puts on sensational matches whenever he is in the ring. Which is why he has the nickname RainMaker . It was rumored HHH has been working on recruiting him for a while. Just like HHH recruited Kushida. So let’s hope Okada takes the bait soon. 

Switchblade Jay White 

NJPW Top 3 Wrestlers

Talk about a true villain and guy who knows the true art of working his character over. Starting out as a Gaijin who was sent to ROH to build his craft before coming back to Japan. Jay White was just a decent wrestler with a cool nickname. Switchblade is was his nickname and he kicked off his top wrestler era when he had Gedo turn on Okada. He started speaking on the microphone with every chance he got.

He joined the Bullet Club as the new leader which is a sign following a tradition. The tradition being he will leave back for the states once he finds the right time. His match in the finals of the G1 Climax against Kota Ibushi was a true work of art. I would love to see a future where we see him becoming the top heel in WWE or AEW. You are easily missing out if you have never seen him working his craft on tv.

Will Ospreay 

NJPW Top 3 Wrestlers

The high flyer that would be able to do anything possible. In the air has built a huge resume in the super juniors of NJPW. Winning almost everything imaginable. He moved up to heavyweight in NJPW and took part in last year’s g1 climax. Since he has put on weight and changed his move set. Now he does less high flying and more floor moves. It’s a great move if he wanted to move to the states to work with the likes of Seth Rollins. Who he had a Twitter exchange with previously. Finn Balor would be a perfect match for him or even Cody Rhodes. Who could bring out the positives in Ospreay.

He is still green when it comes to working with the bigger names. However, the match he had with Lance Archer. Showed us that when he can start working with the big boys on a day to day basis. The sky is the limit for this guy. I see him moving to the states in 2 years and hopefully, WWE gives him a call. If not AEW would be a fool to pass him up since he has a lot of ties with the company.

Now there could be guys I’m not thinking of. That truly deserve to be signed over to the states. None the less these are the three guys I enjoy watching and I think could succeed the most over here. Check out NJPW because with their new Friday night show Collision debuting Fridays at 10 pm. You could be seeing the future main eventers in a few years from now.

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