Randy Orton to take on NXT Superstar at Summerslam or Survivor Series?


Randy Orton is one of the best things in the wrestling industry at this moment. He has proven yet again this year that he is one of the absolute best the business has ever seen. He has been on such a roll since he turned heel. His in-ring work, his promos, and the Legend Killer attitude has taken Randy Orton to another level. He was having a great feud with The Rated R Superstar Edge which ended up being some of the best work of his career. Now we know that the future of Raw and Smackdown lies in the hands of some great NXT superstars but I think The Legend Killer has other intentions. Orton reportedly wants to work a couple of different NXT talents.

Randy Orton wants to Wrestle NXT Superstars

In a report by WrestleTalk, Randy Orton has asked to work with NXT Superstars such as NXT Champion Adam Cole and Tommaso Ciampa in the future. This is not that big of a surprise because it has been mentioned in that past that his is keen on working with Tommaso Ciampa. They even recently had a Twitter feud.

Recently Orton took a shot at the NXT Superstars saying that he is giving ‘leg slaps’ to commend their performance.

To this former NXT Champion Ciampa replied that he makes his daughter watch Randy Orton’s matches for her to fall asleep. The heat between the two did not end there and they continued to take shots at each other online. They both went on to target each other’s wrestling style and questioning each other’s in-ring abilities.

The fans of WWE and NXT saw this Twitter feud as a work because Ciampa is rumored to be going to the main roster in some capacity soon. Many fans think that Ciampa will feud with Orton and this Twitter feud is nothing but build-up for their future feud. But later on, it revealed that Vince McMahon is not happy with either man because of their behavior. And then it was crystal clear that it wasn’t a work and they were actually having a Twitter spat.

Orton’s idea to feud with Ciampa could be a brilliant idea for WWE as both men represent the opposite spectrums of the pole known as pro-wrestling. Whereas if we talk about NXT Champion Adam Cole “BAY BAY”, then we know his reign as NXT Champion is going to end soon because he is also rumored to be joining the main roster soon.

I can see them joining the main roster after SummerSlam or on the build to Survivor Series.

Who would you rather see Orton feud with, Cole or Ciampa? Leave your comments below!

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