Top 10 Undertaker Rivalries of All Time


The Phenom, The Deadman, The American Badass, or you can just call him The Undertaker. Just recently an era ended when The Undertaker retired from WWE. He shocked the whole world by his announcement. An announcement we have long been waiting for over the years. His reign lasted more than three decades and he was dominant in all three! He lightened up our childhood by his chilling entries and awesome music. We really considered him a guy who has defeated death and come back to life many times. Whether he was buried alive, put in a casket, or fighting to prove he is the Taker, the deadman always entertained us. Especially as the years went on and he got to show what he can do in the ring. Just such a special talent in every facet of the game. However, as we all know in wrestling, every top talent needs a good dance partner. So with the Undertaker riding off into the sunset let’s take a look at his Top 10 rivalries.

10. Diesel

Diesel had his eyes set on The Deadman when they met at Wrestlemania 12. Diesel had just his changed his attitude from a fun-loving crowd favorite to a dastardly heel and in the process targeted the Deadman. However, as would happen in most cases, it was The Undertaker who started playing mind games with Diesel. At one point, even putting a dummy that looked just like Diesel in a casket. While there were many names that I considered for this spot, the mind games and the fun that led up to their match at Wrestlemania 12 made me put Big Daddy Cool on this list. Especially considering their match was the best Undertaker Wrestlemania match up until that point of his career.

9. Batista

Undertaker Rivalries

Batista and The Undertaker were two powerhouses that collided many many times. Their Wrestlemania 23 match was a great battle that saw The Deadman come out on top. Batista and The Undertaker also had other memorable matches that year including a badass Hell in a Cell match.

8. Brock Lesnar

Undertaker Rivalries

I was forced to put Lesnar here. While these two men have battled many times over the years their feud was not great enough to put into the Top 5. There will be many fans who will say that this feud must be in Top 5 because Lesnar ended the Undefeated Streak of The Undertaker at Wrestlemania but that match was decent at best. They would go on square off two more times but the match quality was always on the lower side. But because of their feud when Brock was a rookie and due to Brock ending the streak, he finds himself at number 8.

7. Stone Cold Steve Austin

In a perfect world, this feud would be legacy-defining for Austin and Undertaker. It gave us a huge fight feel at Summerslam in 1998. Austin would continue to feud with Taker during Taker’s Ministry of Darkness run. Their match quality never really lived up to the hype, but they are both two of the biggest names of the Attitude Era and two of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

6. Randy Orton

Randy Orton and The Undertaker had a good rivalry with Orton going after the Legend of the Undertaker and trying to kill The Deadman for good. While Orton failed as everyone else did he did score a couple of victories over him along the way. Cowboy Bob Orton would find himself involved in this feud and their match at Wrestlemania 21 was excellent.

5. Edge

Undertaker Rivalries

“The Rated R Superstar” and The Deadman have torn the house down on so many occasions. Whether it was in a Hell In A Cell match, TLC match, or at Wrestlemania these two superstars had some of the best matches. Edge somehow got the upper hand on The Undertaker early in their feud but everyone knows what happens when you face The Phenom at Wrestlemania. Their Wrestlemania 24 match was damn spectacular and showed the supremacy of both of the superstars.

4. Triple H

Triple H is the only competitor to have faced The Undertaker at three separate WrestleManias. And all three matches were incredible. Their WrestleMania 17 match is a classic brawl and their WrestleMania 28 Hell in a Cell Match is one of the best character-driven matches that I have ever seen. The story as we all know goes like this: The Undertaker beats Triple H three times at Wrestlemania and reigns supreme as the Last of the Cowboys from the 90s.

3. Mankind

What a feud between these two monsters! In fact, Undertaker vs Mankind was the feud of the year in 1996, in WWF at least. The two brawled constantly on pay-per-view, including their Boiler Room Match at SummerSlam 1996. A match that saw Paul Bearer shockingly betray Taker. They locked horns again in a very famous Hell In A Cell match at King Of The Ring in 1998, where Undertaker destroyed Mankind and certainly took years off his career too. A fantastic feud between these two and Paul Bearer’s heel turn came out of nowhere. Just compelling stuff all around.

2. Kane

Kane’s name is absolutely synonymous with The Undertaker. He was first brought to WWF as The Undertaker’s brother. Kane would eventually debut at Badd Blood 1997, costing Undertaker his match with Shawn Michaels. They had some great matches over the years including two at Wrestlemania. While the Undertaker generally got the upper hand on his younger brother, Kane finally got his revenge in 2010. Kane dominated a program with his brother even retaining his title over him multiple times. The storyline between these two men was one of the best of the ’90s.

1. Shawn Michaels

I mean come on!! Nobody had the kind of rivalry with The Undertaker that HBK did. These two fought so many times over their careers. They had a great Hell In A Cell match at Bad Blood in 1997. Then they had a fantastic casket match at the Royal Rumble 1998. Oh, and who can forget a match that many feel is the greatest Wrestlemania match of all time?!?! Their contest at WrestleMania 25 was one of the best hands down ever and the excitement and lead up to their match at Wrestlemania 26 was fantastic. Everything about these two was great. They had insane match quality and amazing chemistry together.

That’s it! Who do you think is the Undertaker’s greatest rival of all time? Leave your comments below!

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