WWE Monday Night Raw Results and Review 5/11/20


Hello and welcome back to another overly opinionated WWE Monday Night Raw review. Well, everybody, there won’t be much of an opening this week since I haven’t seen last week’s show. So, disregarding all that, what will happen on tonight’s show following Money in the Bank? Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins tore it up in their title match! Along with a sweet new entrance, what will Seth Rollins come up with next? I haven’t seen anything that’s supposed to be on the show tonight, so once again I’m totally clueless about what to expect. On the bright side, I think that makes these much more entertaining for those of you who choose to read. Let’s see what happens next and get into my WWE Monday Night Raw Results 5/11/20 and review.

The show opens with a Becky Lynch promo because we just CAN’T have a show anymore without Becky getting some face time! She gives us a sob story about not having any friends when she first arrived here. What that has to do with this, I don’t know. The general idea is that Becky’s emotional because in her words, she has to go away for a while. Sounds to me like she’s got some kind of injury. Asuka interrupts and she wants her briefcase! Becky opens it to reveal that the briefcase has the title in it. I don’t understand! Becky says she can’t fight anymore. Thank god! Apparently, she’s with child. Whatever! Asuka is the new women’s champion. Maybe somebody else can get a chance for a change. This announcement better be legit, or they’ll be in a world of shit! I’m not convinced it’s actually true yet.

Match #1: Bobby Lashley vs. Humberto Carrillo

Look, everybody, it’s the Kiss of Death! I haven’t seen Carrillo in ages. He was on last week, but Lashley got pissed and took beating this dude up a little too far, so he got disqualified. Fortunately for Bobby, there are no disqualifications in this match. Bad news for Carrillo! A steel chair gets introduced into this match and Carrillo’s got more fight in him than I expected. When he tries to come off the top rope, Bobby catches him with a full nelson and wins by submission! Wow, that was unexpected. I’m just glad Carrillo didn’t win. Next!

Match #2: Angel Garza (w. A-Team) vs. Akira Tozawa

I’ll be honest, I totally forgot Garza’s name during this match. That’s not good. Kind of embarrassing on my part, but what has he done since he showed up? A couple of weeks ago the A-Team was running wild! What the hell happened? Anyway, Garza wins this match with the double underhook Sit Down. Austin Theory got his feelings hurt and he’s arguing with Garza for some reason, then Drew McIntyre shows up and wrecks them all. So much for the A-Team! Damn, they didn’t even get a shirt yet. We have our next match! Isn’t that convenient?

Match #3: Drew McIntyre vs. Andrade

The rest of the A-Team has vacated ringside from what I can see, but Zelina Vega is still there looking incredible. Which reminds me, it’s time for another Zelina Vega Outfit Update! Her outfit this week is simple, but she can still turn heads in it. I like this approach! She’s an attractive woman and she doesn’t need to try very hard to get anyone’s attention. It’s a very light pink top with black leather pants. If I go any further, I’ll get canceled, so let’s move on.

Why would Andrade even bother to fight Drew at this point? Drew’s killed the ENTIRE A-Team without breaking a sweat, multiple times. What chance does Andrade have by himself? Austin Theory’s feelings are hurt, and I don’t even know why. This whole thing is going down the tubes. It was a good idea at first, but it’s been a major disappointment so far. Drew is all worked up in this match! He goes for a Future Shock, but Andrade bails. He manages to turn things around and does his running knees in the corner thing, but Drew kicks out at one. That would be much more impressive if Drew didn’t do that every single match. He is big, but he’s no Brock Lesnar by any means. For those of you keeping score at home, Andrade is STILL US champion, despite being injured, suspended, and left off the Wrestlemania card entirely during this reign. I can’t remember the last time he defended it. Drew wins this match with a Claymore kick, complete with pointless countdown. After this match Drew gives us yet another incredibly bland textbook babyface promo talking about his match with Seth Rollins from last night. Next week, Drew will fight Baron Corbin. Does anybody care to see that match? Drew’s all over the place in this promo. Just watch this segment and you’ll see what I mean.

Match #4: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. Iconics

I refuse to spell that word with two I’s. It makes no sense. Anyway, Bliss was doing her usual talking segment, then they were all yelling at each other and now we have a tag team match. The Iconics may not have been on for a while, but my ears started ringing as soon as they showed up. On the bright side, the blond half of that team is looking really good! I love what she’s done with her hair. This match is thankfully short and sweet, and the Iconics win with a new tag team finish! It’s essentially a two-person elevated facebuster. It was a little rough, but I’m glad to see some new stuff in this division.

Rey Mysterio is backstage for a promo after this match, which for me is only notable because he’s interrupted by Seth Rollins. Perhaps a new target for Seth! This I like. His match with McIntyre was good, but he needs to win if people are expected to buy him as any kind of serious threat. Mysterio is the perfect opponent for Rollins in this regard. No matter how much he loses to Seth, the fans will still respect him, but if Seth loses every match, he’ll become a laughingstock before long.

Match #5: Ricochet, Cedric Alexander, & R-Truth vs. Shane Thorne, His Big Friend, & MVP

No doubt about it, this a match whose only purpose is to fill for time. Having said that, I’ve actually enjoyed the chemistry between Ricochet and Cedric Alexander, and Truth is possibly the most entertaining person on the entire show, so I won’t be mad if these guys go a little long. Truth and MVP tag in, now it’s time to show these young guys how it’s done. I guess MVP is still pissed at Truth after last night. Truth does a gag with some fake teeth and MVP falls for it, then Truth gets the win with his finish. Bobby Lashley comes down once again with the assist for MVP. Looks like these guys are working together. They were a team once in TNA with a couple of other guys, and that really helped Bobby a lot. I like where this is going.

Match #6: Rey Mysterio & Aleister Black vs. Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy

Last night, Mysterio and Black were effectively murdered by Baron Corbin. How they found a way to make it here for this match after being thrown off the roof is beyond me! Seth Rollins is out with his good friend Buddy Murphy, but without his cool leather jacket and looking quite preoccupied. With what I have no idea. Is he hearing voices? That would be an interesting twist to all this. Buddy is anxious to please Seth this week, but Seth looks very unimpressed. He’s looking rough over there in the corner. Buddy is taking all the heat in this thing. He and Aleister Black tangle yet again, which is how Buddy got started on this path with Rollins in the first place. This match has been going on for approximately 10 minutes by this point, and Seth has barely moved at all. Mysterio and Black are making a pincushion out of Murphy and Rollins isn’t even trying to tag in and help him out. What the hell man?

The ending to this match is questionable at best. Mysterio takes a swipe at Rollins, then he goes for the 619 on Buddy and Seth intercepts him from the outside of the ring. For some reason, this causes a disqualification. I’ve never been a fan of referees arbitrarily enforcing rules. Seth decides to do SOMETHING to Mysterio’s face, but I missed what he did. It must have hurt because the trainers had to show up to make the save. I thought he was going for Rey’s mask again. That would be like the fifth time that’s happened to him. Come on Seth, you can do better than that! We come back to find the Seth attacked his eye. That’s a little strange, but I’ll allow it. Aleister Black is pissed about it backstage, to say the least.

Match #7: Shayna Baszler vs. Natalya

Shayna has killed it tonight in the promo department! I’ll give you the Reader’s Digest version. She implied Becky’s pregnancy isn’t real and that hurt Natalya’s feelings because she too is a woman, and then Shayna made some personal comments directed towards the Hart family, which is why we have this match. See, I’m not the only one who thinks this pregnancy is nonsense! I knew there was something I liked about this woman, she’s a killer in the ring and I love her confidence. Does she have a boyfriend or what? Natalya tries to hook the Sharpshooter, but Shayna counters and knocks her out with a knee to the face. She might be the second baddest person to come out of South Dakota! Better luck next time Natalya.

Main Event: Edge & Randy Orton Show Up!

This is what we’ve all been waiting for! Edge and Randy Orton face to face! After a six week absence, what’s next for these two? Edge is out first to talk about how he’s so happy to be back, but Orton interrupts and congratulates Edge for beating him at Wrestlemania. He turns to leave but comes back soon afterward. He tried to just congratulate Edge and walk away, but he just couldn’t do it. The better man may have won, but the better wrestler didn’t. Randy may not have been able to answer a ten count, but it didn’t take him nine years to get back into the ring. Basically, the last man standing match doesn’t count as an actual wrestling match. Orton may have a point there since it was more of a brawl, but Orton still lost. Sorry, Randy, I have to take Edge’s side in this one. Orton challenges Edge to a rematch at Backlash. No fancy stipulations this time, he wants Edge in a straight-up singles match. Edge doesn’t answer and we fade to black.

My Final Thoughts on RAW (5/11/2020)

This was a perfectly decent show, I had no problem with anything that took place. Like I said, hopefully, a new woman can get a chance to show what she has since Becky won’t be coming back for the foreseeable future. There was also a basketball game between the Viking Raiders and the Street Prophets. Aside from that debacle, this show was good. Especially the last segment! Orton is finally gonna repay Edge for throwing him out of the Royal Rumble. Looks like Edge is having doubts on this one. We’ll see what happens next week!

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