WWE Smackdown Results and Review (June 26th, 2020)


It’s been a busy day, but I’m still here to cover Smackdown for all of you! The only selling point I need for the show this week is: Bray Wyatt has reverted back to being the leader of a swamp cult! Super exciting! I’m calling it now: Bray Wyatt’s coming for Braun Strowman’s Universal title. The show opens with a tasteful tribute to Undertaker. This was a good tribute, but I’m still not convinced he’s retired. From what I can gather, this entire show looks to be a tribute episode. There won’t be much to say about it for me as a reviewer, but let’s try and get through this together. Maybe Bray Wyatt will show up!

The first match on the show is the Boneyard match from Wrestlemania last April between AJ Styles and Undertaker. For the record, I’m not a fan of these cinematic matches, but this one in particular was well done. Since it’s essentially a street fight in a graveyard, there’s no point going into detail. If you want more information, just read my review of Wrestlemania 36! Undertaker’s segments tonight are also interspersed with some talking heads. I haven’t had a chance to watch the Last Ride documentary yet, but I’ll watch them all this weekend. We miss you, Luke and Coral!

After the Boneyard match, Baron Corbin is in the ring doing a promo on the Undertaker. He accuses Undy of stealing money from Vince McMahon for the last 20 years. Sorry Corbin, but Undy actually drew money and isn’t completely useless like you. Jeff Hardy decides to shut him up. Things like this are exactly why I’m thinking Undertaker’s not gone yet. You think he’ll just let Corbin say that shit and ignore it? Undy’s come back and kicked ass for a lot less.

Match #1: Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki Cross vs. Lacy Evans vs. Dana Brooke

This match seems like a total cluster on paper, but there are stakes here. The winner of this four way goes against Bayley in three weeks for her title. Spoiler alert: Bayley can beat all of these women with one arm. She’s been on fire lately with both her ring work and promo game. And Sasha is so much better as a heel! Even if there were fans, I don’t think anybody in attendance or reading this cares about the finer details of this match. Alexa Bliss comes off the top rope but Dana Brooke blocks it. This match ends when Lacy fists Dana Brooke, then Nikki Cross beats her with a CRUSHING roll up! Since Bayley has already beaten these other women, I guess Nikki is next in line. 

Match #2: New Day & Lucha House Party vs. Cesaro & Nakamura & Miz & Johnny

This is an eight-man tag match. I’m really not into these multiple person matches, but I like Miz and Johnny a lot, so I’m here. Miz starts this match for his team against Big E. Miz takes the splash on the apron. Man, no matter how many times I see that move it always makes me cringe. Cesaro and Nakamura (The CONspiracy Victims) gang up on one of the luchadors. These guys are pissed about how they’re being booked and I don’t blame them. If Cesaro needs a manager, he should call me up! I’d love to service him. This match is decent, but all these guys are moving fast and I can’t keep up with every move. Gran Metalik gives Johnny a sick Frankensteiner to the outside, then comes off the top rope with an elbow drop to Miz for the win. The CONspiracy is real! First Miz and Johnny get screwed out of the Universal title at Backlash, now this?

Next up is Baron Corbin still giving it to the Undertaker backstage. Jeff Hardy took exception to his comments earlier, saying Undy was his mentor. Really Jeff? Did Undertaker teach you how to flippity flop in 1997? Corbin says Jeff should pack it in and after tonight, Jeff will rest in peace. Come on Corbin, now I know Undertaker’s coming for you next. At least TRY to make people buy into this retirement. You’re not even trying anymore!

Braun Strowman is up next for a promo. It’s incredibly stagey. I can tell right away Braun’s trying to recite this from memory and none of it’s believable. For those of you interested, he’s telling us a story about when he first met Bray Wyatt. Bray’s so much better at making up shit as he goes along. We finally get to the end of this promo and Braun wants to fight Bray in the swamp. He tries to do Bray’s laugh and it’s AWFUL. Please don’t let Braun talk ever again. This was terrible. Glad that’s over. 

Match #3: Jeff Hardy vs. Baron Corbin

With around 15 minutes of show time left, it looks like this might be the main event! Corbin’s done a great job heeling on Undy tonight, but I can’t understand why Jeff Hardy would take offense to anything he said more than anyone else. The only thing I can come up with was a ladder match Jeff had with Undy in 2002. It was one of the better main events in RAW’s history, but how many other times did they wrestle against each other? There’s no memorable moments or huge rivalries, there’s just one match almost 20 years ago. The announcers try to put that match over, but most of the people watching this weren’t even alive when it took place, so the impact of that is totally lost on them.

Anyway, this match isn’t much different than Jeff Hardy’s comeback match a couple months ago against Corbin, but Corbin does go the extra mile and mocks Undertaker a few times during this. The more I think about it, the more confused I am. Why would Undertaker ever need Jeff Hardy to fight his battles for him? He’s not dead, he’s just absent! And why Jeff? Hasn’t it been established for years that he’s in constant pain? He just lost to Sheamus at Backlash pretty decisively. I’m not expecting him to beat Corbin here! Several other people, who are all babyfaces, come out to be lumberjacks during this match, including Universal Champion Braun Strowman! Wow, that title isn’t nearly as important since Bray Wyatt lost it. Seriously, I think Jeff needs to hang it up. He can barely move anymore. Corbin lawn darts himself into the stairs like a jackass and Jeff wins with a flippity flop. Corbin takes exception to this and gets the jump on Jeff after the bell, but all the lumberjacks give Corbin their finishing moves instead.

My Final Thoughts on Smackdown (6/26/2020)

This was a total shit show! None of the matches that took place actually mattered, Braun’s promo was the worst I’ve seen in YEARS, and Jeff Hardy had no business taking up for Undertaker. AND Bray Wyatt didn’t show up! Not sure how this can get much worse, but I’ll be back next week to tell you all about it. I’m tagging out for the weekend! See you all on Monday for RAW!

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