Character Highlight: The Batgirls

There have really been two different women to put on the Batgirl uniform and go by that name. The one who created it and the one who borrowed it. Both of them drastically different from the other and each is going to be talked about here.

RWBY: A New Chapter

It's announced that Volume 7 of RWBY is being released Nov 2. This new season allows us to see a city we have only heard about in passing. We only got a glimpse of it at the end of Volume 6. Now we get to see all of it.

Horizon Zero Dawn…2?

Back in early 2017, a game that blew our minds was released, Horizon Zero Dawn. It snuck under the radar for me and blew my mind when Mad Techi told me I needed to play it. Partly because about four months previously he had sold his PS4

Spotlight On: Tim Curry

This article is not "in the memory of." It is not me even saying he should retire and stop working. This is an article celebrating the work and life of a great actor who has contributed much to our entertainment. I doubt he will ever read

Robins: A Bird in the Hand

The iconic Batman of the DC universe needs to have the almost, just as iconic Robin talked about. Both have a long history in the stories of DC and they have not always been the same person. Some going on to form their own teams and all

Titans & Chargers 2nd Half Recap

3rd quarter The pass rushers finally decided to show up in the 2nd half for both the Chargers and the Titans. Joey Bosa muscled his way to a sack to stall the Titans' opening drive. Then Tennessee sacked Rivers on the Chargers first

Chargers & Titans Halftime Recap

1st Quarter 2 desperate teams come into this game looking for a win. The Titans are rolling the dice with former Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill. Marcus Mariota is on the bench for this game. Tannehill is actually looking good making some

NFL Week 7 Betting Locks

Alan Giovacchini JACKSONVILLE -3.5 at Cincinnati The 0-6 Bengals are chiseled down to their backup DB's and Minshew & Chark Jr. should exploit that numerous times. Mixon will continue to be average, Boyd will get his usual 18.10