Washington Redskins Mock Draft – 1st Edition

Welcome to the initial mock draft of the Washington Redskins from AEE. This mock draft will be slightly different than other mock drafts you have read. In this mock draft, I will be using the Fanspeak.com simulator. Here is how the

One-Shots: Startrader; Learning the ropes

In a game produced by a developer I respect, Trese Brothers. I try out their first foray into computer gaming.This is Startrader. As it sounds it is Scifi oriented. Don't let the trader part trick you though. You can be near anything

NXT Takeover: Portland Preview

NXT Takeover: Portland Preview NXT TakeOver: Portland takes place tonight!! This card is stacked!!! You can catch the show live on the WWE Network. It starts at 7 ET/4PT and takes place in Portland, Oregon. The preshow kicks off

One-Off: Savage Lands

This is the second entry into my one-off series and low and beholds it is another crafting survival.This game is called Savage Lands. Taking some of the darker elements of the fantasy environment. YOu fight to survive in a frozen

XFL Week 2 Preview

XFL Week 2 Preview https://twitter.com/XFLonFOX/status/1228083642582175744?s=20 In what I believe is a great schedule of games this weekend we’ll get to see the winning teams from week 1 all face each other. We’ll also get to see

Three Comics you must Read

Like books, there are comic books or graphic novels that you have to read. If you enjoy superhero stories or have enjoyed the recent cinematic success of Marvel and the limited success of DC, then these are the three you have to read.