The Real Action Hero: Arnold vs Stallone

The Action Hero has been a key part of cinema throughout history. Each era has had its stand out representatives in the genre. In the early days, there were dashing gentleman heroes such as Errol Flynn or Tyrone Power. Then there were the

Film Review: Warrior

Watched Mar. 15th, 2020 Director - Gavin O'ConnorStarring - Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton, Nick Nolte, Jennifer Morrison, Frank Grillo ***Spoilers*** Sports movies like Warrior have a flaw central to their essence. Even the best of

Superman: The Reflection

In 2020 everyone knows Superman. In 2020 it’s arguable that Superman’s popularity is at its lowest. Why is that? In 1938 Superman made his debut when Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster wrote him into existence for Action Comics #1.

Why the 90s Hornets Were Awesome

The early 90s were a magical time. Michael Jordan dominated the NBA, but then temporarily retired. Jordan’s absence created a fun period when the league was up for grabs. No team represented this time of opportunity and potential like the

Danhausen is your next favorite wrestler

Danhausen is one of the fastest rising stars in wrestling. The “88 year old” face painted wrestler is very nice, very evil and is certainly from “Human Earth”. If you’re not familiar with his work, then let me tell you why Danhausen is

Drive Thru (2007): Fast Food Will Kill You

Drive Thru (2007) is a hard edge slasher flick. The film quietly slipped under the radar when it first was released on DVD in the summer of 2007. I instantly bought it because I was a

The 10 Best Wrestling T-shirts

The most essential piece of wrestling merchandise is the T-shirt. They are important to wrestling fans because it shows who we support. It also differentiates us from the normals in public. Factions can use T-shirts as signs of allegiance

MLS returns with World Cup Format

After being out of action since March due to the Corona Virus, MLS returns with a World Cup format tournament. The decision was made in order to get the season completed. Firstly, there will be a 26 team World Cup style format

Celebrity Birthdays on July 7th

Taco Tuesday is here!!! Here we go with our Top 3 Celebrity Birthdays on July 7th!! As always if today is your birthday then Happy Birthday!!!!! Jim Gaffigan July 7th, 1966 (54) Stand-up comedian known for his deadpan delivery, his

Lion’s Break Collision episode 1 results

NJPW debuted it’s Lion’s Break Collision show Friday. The show was created in order to shine a spotlight on the LA Dojo. It was taped at the Oceanview Pavilion in June. The episode was just under forty minutes. It consequently was a breezy

WWE Raw Results and Review (July 6th, 2020)

Welcome to another RAW Review everybody! Happy birthday to my dad and Sly Stallone! Aside from that, disappointment has been the word this week. John Morrison lost to the guy with no shoes. Randy Orton didn’t show up on RAW last week, and

Fire Power Comic Issue 1 Review Welcome back to another comic book review here on Toned In Entertainment. Free Comic Book Day is a big, if not the biggest day in comics. Last year I attended my first, and lines were out

UPDATE: Eddie Shack Hospitalized

Update as of 9pm... Some more information from a source very close to the Shack family. "Eddie has gone through cancer treatment for his throat and then had a serious fall which put him in the hospital. The prognosis was not very good

Stargirl renewed for 2nd season on CW

Just 7 episodes in and DC’s Stargirl has just been renewed for a second season. However, instead of showing on the DC universe app it looks like the show will be moved primarily to the CW network. This looks to be another nail in the