The Chicago Bears are Eggs Benedict

The Chicago Bears are Eggs Benedict In the culinary world, there is a group of five sauces that are known as the 'Mother Sauces.' These are five sauces that act as a foundation for every other sauce you can possibly make. One

Three Comics you must Read

Like books, there are comic books or graphic novels that you have to read. If you enjoy superhero stories or have enjoyed the recent cinematic success of Marvel and the limited success of DC, then these are the three you have to read.

DC Movieverse Dream: Batman

If you are going to start a movieverse I feel it has to start with Batman. Not just because he is one of the most popular characters, but because he can be used as a starting off point for the ‘modern’ rise in Superheroes. Not someone who

More Drama with NFL & Kaepernick

There has been no shortage of drama that continues to encircle the embattled QB Colin Kaepernick. However, this is more about the NFL and how they wanted today to go. The NFL started by scheduling this tryout on Saturday, instead of the

Mando Culture

This article was inspired by the release of Mandalorian the TV show on Disney+. Some other columnists have thrown out the idea that the Fett’s (Jango and Boba) are no Mandalorians. I am going to call bull and take a minute to explain their