New Movie Releases On Demand NOW

With Coronavirus shutting down everything from sports to movies and now whole cities and states are making everyone take shelter at home. Millions will be working from their house or laid off. Most of the movies that were in theaters were

Final Destination Movie Rankings and Reboot

Fans of the Final Destination franchise will be happy to know that they are currently working on a Final Destination reboot. The Final Destination movies are regarded as great slasher

iHeartRadio Living Room Concert Full Show

Sunday night music fans got to see a concert in their living room. Fox and iHeartRadio presented the iHeart Living Room Concert hosted by Elton John. Performers included The Backstreet

Vivarium Review

Vivarium is available to buy on digital and for rent on video on demand. Having finished the film, it was hard to tell whether they were going for a horror film or a sci-fi thriller.


Hey guys, Tony from Toned in Entertainment here. What happens when two of pop cultures' biggest icons, Masters of the Universe and the WWE collide? We get these awesome Walmart exclusive MASTERS OF THE WWE UNIVERSE action figures. Not only

Is it ok to enjoy Chris Benoit matches?

Vice’s recent Dark Side of the Ring drummed up a lot of old feelings. Chris Benoit was one of my favorite wrestlers growing up. I still have a Benoit t-shirt that hasn’t seen the light of day since June 25, 2007. It will never be worn

Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft

Welcome to the initial Dallas Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft from AEE. This mock draft will be slightly different than other mock drafts you have read. In this mock draft, I will be using the simulator. Here is how the simulator

Best Fit: Jameis Winston

Welcome to the AEE Best Fits, Jameis Winston Edition. Here I am going to talk about the best teams that Jameis Winston could still join this offseason. Jameis Winston is still only 26 years old and has ample starting experience. There are

Best Fit: Cam Newton

This is a simple article of where Cam Newton can go and make an immediate impact and start at the most important position in all of team sports. New England Patriots To me, this seems like an odd marriage for Newton, and Coach Bill.

5 Reasons to Watch AEW Dynamite

Hello again everybody! If you don’t know who I am, I’m usually the Overly Opinionated Wrestling Fan, but today, I give you my 5 reasons to watch AEW Dynamite! That’s right, I’m here to put AEW over this week! You read that correctly, so

Battling Anxiety- You are NOT Alone

Anxiety is a normal human emotion or a human illness. Anxiety is everything that affects our life negatively whether its stress, tension, weight loss, or fatigue. Anxiety affects us all physically and emotionally and the toll it can take

Chiefs 7-Round Mock Draft

Welcome to the initial Kansas City Chiefs 7-Round Mock Draft from AEE. This mock draft will be slightly different than other mock drafts you have read. In this mock draft, I will be using the simulator. Here is how the

Best NFL Games of 2019-20

Normally in March, we have lots of basketball to watch that holds us over during the NFL offseason. Unfortunately, March Madness has been canceled and the NBA season is currently suspended. However, if you are yearning for some sports to