10 WWE Superstars who Need to Follow Finn Balor to NXT

We are NXT!

Finn Balor made a SHOCKING return to Full Sail last night, announcing he was officially back on the NXT roster. Balor would come out and stare down NXT champion Adam Cole. I said it was a very gutsy move on Trips (HHH) part but he is going to pull out all the stops for his brand. Let’s be honest it’s not like this is a demotion of any sort. NXT is on the same level of importance as Raw and Smackdown. They are now national television and are the brand engaged with AEW in the 2020 version of the Monday Night Wars.

With Balor crossing over expect others to follow suit. Let’s take a look at 10 other main roster superstars that could benefit from going back to NXT:

10- The Ascension: This was an absolute sure-fire thing in NXT, we loved everything about them. When they went to Raw, strapped with the “Trash talk every legendary tag team possible” gimmick the Ascension was quickly buried and never recovered. Move them to NXT where we can get the bad taste out of our mouths and let them work their magic.

9-The IIconics: Billie Kay and Peyton Royce have been just okay on the main roster. They did get to enjoy a lengthy run with the Women’s tag titles but that same run caused no one to care about those same titles. Unfortunately, their gimmick just isn’t one appeasing to the main roster audience. Move these two back to NXT and you’ll have two charismatic heels, which the brand desperately lacks right now.

8-Eric Young: Things didn’t go as planned for Young when Sanity moved to Smackdown live. Overshadowed by the likes of American Alpha, The Usos, and The New Day; Young’s faction was quickly relegated to Main Event. The would end up jobbing out before being taken off TV completely. Making the jump to NXT would give Young a singles run that I believe he would excel in as a heel.

7- Heath Slater: As entertaining as anything we’ve seen on TV when given a chance, I believe the character would be loved by the Full Sail audience and you know HES GOT KIDS.

6-Shelton Benjamin: Another veteran of the ring finding himself with no current storylines and making whacky cameo appearances. Throw him into the mix down in NXT to help bring along the talent there and get a little RoI (Return on Investment) with Benjamin.

5-EC3: The EC3 burial is saddening to see, this guy has got the look, the ring ability, and the mic skills. Everything needed to be a major player. He just can’t seem to get a push. Triple H would work wonders with EC3 in NXT.

4-Kairi Sane: Sane was called up way too early to give a boost to the Women’s Tag Team division, which again, no one cares about. She is doing nothing on Smackdown. A move to NXT would throw her in the mix of what might be the deepest Women’s division NXT has ever had.

3- Mickie James: Cast aside for the younger talent Mickie has been an afterthought since her return. I’d really love to see one more decent run from Mickie. She’s still in incredible shape and NXT would be a great place for Mickie to end her career.

2-Apollo Crews: Called up to the main roster way too early in his WWE run. Making the move back to NXT could allow him the chance to polish his craft. Clearly Apollo has the look and the in-ring ability but he is damn awful on the mic. The dude could be a star with the right mouthpiece. Give the man a manager in NXT and watch him shine in the ring.

Finally and THE MOST IMPORTANT person they need to bring back to NXT…


This is our clear cut choice to bring back to NXT. Since leaving for the main roster Vince has failed to do anything of significance with Asuka. When Asuka lost to Charlotte at Wrestlemania in a match that did NOTHING for Charlotte, it ruined and devalued her. Here you had the biggest badass in the women’s division and she is just crapped away by Vince. She then was thrown into a comedic feud with James Ellsworth and fans around the world were thinking what I was thinking how did the WWE screw this up. After social media backlash to the WWE and fan support, it looked like Asuka was going to turn the corner. She won the Smackdown Women’s Championship at TLC in 2018. She was given a decent title run and a submission victory over The Man at the Royal Rumble. It finally looked like Vince had got it right… Right?? WRONG!!! We got played one week before Wrestlemania 35. Vince would have Asuka once again lose by submission to Charlotte Flair losing the title in a match that once again did absolutely NOTHING for Charlotte and killed Asuka.

A move to NXT and a program with current Champion Shayna Baszler instantly becomes a must-see and top draw feud for the brand.

Please give us Asuka vs Shayna!!!