2019 NFL Predictions – Vol 7

All Everything Entertainment brings you our 2019 NFL Predictions. We will have an 8 part series featuring predictions from our NFL writers and correspondents.

We will bring our predictions for each division winner, who will win and get in the playoffs as a wild card and ultimately win the Super Bowl. We also predict the winners of every major NFL award this coming season.

Let us get into the predictions with Christian Shotts ( Los Angeles Chargers)

AFC East: Patriots – Are we really discussing this one?

AFC West: Chiefs – I love my Chargers and I wish them the best, but Andy Reid is too good of a coach and the Chargers as a whole are too inconsistent to ever pick them for anything. They have not won the division in ten years. They always have the pieces but can’t seem to put it together. The Chiefs offense is loaded with weapons for Mahomes and Reid to use. Don’t be surprised if the Chiefs do just as well as last season.

AFC North: Browns – All aboard the Cleveland hype train! The Browns have hype and swagger that we have not seen in quite some time. Every NFL fan secretly has a soft spot for the Browns and wants them to succeed. All jokes aside the Browns offense is arguably one of the best in the NFL. Mayfield, Beckham, Landry, Njoku, Hunt, and Chubb are enough to power to take a team to the Super Bowl. Their defense led by Myles Garrett looks to settle unfinished business from a season ago. Their main competition will be the Steelers but I think they’ll just get by and sneak into the playoffs as a 4 seed.

AFC South: Texans – Aside from the recent departure of Jadeveon Clowney and Matthieu the Texans are mostly the same team. Those are big losses on defense but the Texans with JJ Watt, Deshaun Watson, and DeAndre Hopkins are enough to pull the Texans above a mediocre AFC South.

Wild Cards AFC: Chargers/Steelers

NFC West: Rams – If the Rams can repeat what they accomplished a year ago then there’s no reason they don’t win this division. This team is nearly identical to the one that appeared in the Super Bowl the season prior.

NFC East: Cowboys – The Cowboys has the 7th best overall defense in their 2018 campaign and with most of their pieces returning they should repeat that same excellence. Their offense was good enough to get them to a 10-6. The Cowboys were at a disappointing 3-4 record at the beginning of the season. Jerry Jones put all his eggs in one basket for Amari Cooper and from that point on the Cowboys were 7-2 winning 7 of their last 8. With Carson Wentz never being healthy it seems as if this is a safe pick.

NFC North: Bears – Da Bears season ended with a heartbreaking missed kick in the playoffs but their dominant defense and their upcoming offense will win them the division yet again.

NFC South: Saints – The Saints have a complete team on offense and on defense. They were robbed of a Super Bowl appearance last season but they’ll be just as good. The rest of the division is too inconsistent for me to pick anyone else.

Wild Cards NFC: Eagles/Packers

Comeback POTY: Devonta Freeman – A 1,000+ rushing yard season and a trip to the Pro Bowl will earn Freeman the CPOTY.

Coach of the year: Andy Reid – After winning yet another division title, Reid will be recognized as a top coach in the NFL

Offense Rookie Of The Year: WR Marquise Brown – The former Oklahoma star is going to bring a receiving threat to a team that is in desperate need of a good WR.

Defense Rookie Of The Year: DE Nick Bosa – Just like his brother, Nick Bosa is going to take that trophy home. Defense seems to run in the Bosa family.

Offensive POTY: RB Saquon Barkley – Saquon got robbed of a first-team all-pro appearance last season with his 2,000 yards from scrimmage and he’s going to prove the league wrong this year.

Defensive POTY: DT Aaron Donald – From the looks of it Donald can get this award for the rest of his career if he keeps playing like this.

Regular season MVP: QB Drew Brees – Brees will get that hardware that has escaped him his entire career.

Super Bowl matchup: Saints v Chiefs -The Saints will be on a mission to prove that they should’ve been in the big one a year ago. Andy Reid will finally get out of Belichick’s shadow (at least for this one season) and make it to the big game. Saints and QB Drew Brees will prevail, and Brees will win his second title.

Super Bowl MVP: QB Drew Brees – Drew Brees will cap off an MVP season with a Super Bowl MVP performance and take the Saints to the promised land yet again. Old guys rule!