2019 NFL Preview- AFC South Edition

Jacksonville Jaguars

Doug Marrone’s seat is one of the hottest in the league this season. Marrone has a defense with an abundance of talent and now they have a capable quarterback in Nick Foles. Will this Jaguar team go back to the Conference Championship as they were two years ago? Absolutely not! Sorry, Nick Foles but it just won’t happen.

This is not the NFC East. This is the most stacked division in all professional sports right now. Just being average isn’t enough to win games in the AFC South. Every game in the division are pivotal swing games and the team that wins the most divisional games will ultimately be the division champion. Leonard Fournette is a liability to have on this team and a locker room cancer. Jalen Ramsey has already proven to be a distraction early on and the season looks like it could be a very long one for the Jags.

  • Ceiling-9-7
  • Floor- 5-11

Tennessee Titans

Even as a journalist, I have to be non-biased even though this is my favorite team. Like all the other teams I’ve covered, you will get my honest opinions. Marcus Mariota is a franchise quarterback (he’s shown glimpses of greatness). However, this has been a terrible organization over the past 5 years of this rebuild. Here is a quick recap for those who might not know what Titan fans have been through.

Ken Whisenhunt (Hired in 2014), lasted a year and a half, was fired and it was much deserved. He was replaced by Mike Mularkey, a man that had a vision of turning the Titans into a dominant powerhouse by running the football and playing elite defense. He got off to a hot start with 2 consecutive 9-7 seasons and a playoff win in Arrowhead Stadium. Mularkey’s failure to evolve was his downfall and so the Titans brought in Mike Vrabel, a defensive-minded/ player friendly head coach, to help this team get over the hump. In Vrabel’s first year he went, you guessed it, 9-7 with some impressive wins, but also questionable decisions.

Here we are heading into Marcus Mariota’s final year of his rookie deal. Mariota is on his 3rd head coach and 5th different play-caller in as many years. 2019 is his put up or shut up year for the entire AFC South. It’s going to be a dog fight all the way until the end.

  • Ceiling-10-6
  • Floor- 6-9-1

Indianapolis Colts

Josh McDaniels did a great job with this club last year! Wait, just making sure you guys were still paying attention. If you remember correctly, McDaniels spurned the Colts last year and Frank Reich was brought in late to be the Head Coach. While Reich may not have been the first choice, heck he may not have been the second or third choice, he was the right choice.

With a healthy Andrew Luck, this team came all the way out from the basement straight into the divisional round of the AFC playoffs. With a rebuilt offensive line, arguably the best in the NFL, and All-Pro stud Linebacker Darius Leonard leading this defense, this team will only get better. But like every team in this division, it’s a dog fight until the end.

  • Ceiling-11-5
  • Floor- 8-8

Houston Texans

It is easy to forget with the success that the Colts had last year that the Texans actually won the division. Bill O’Brien and company were red hot last year following an 0-3 start. After the whispers that O’Brien could be on the hot seat, this team broke off 10 straight wins and didn’t lose again until they played, you guessed it, the Colts.

There is a lot to like about this team, but in the playoffs, this team was completely exposed and torched. Watson didn’t look any better than Brian Hoyer or Brock Osweiler during the playoff game. This is obviously a big issue. With Clowney being a camp holdout and JJ Watt/ Whitney Mercilius aging, this team won’t be the same team we’ve seen dominate in the regular season.

If they make it the postseason this year, it could take a deep run to save Bill O’Brien’s job this time around.

  • Ceiling-10-6
  • Floor- 7-9

Justin Patterson