2019 NHL Playoffs Recap

2019 NHL Playoffs Recap

In my opinion, there is no better sporting event to watch than Playoff Hockey. The action, the hits, the skill, and luck needed to make it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals is an exhilarating ride. There is nothing like the NHL Playoffs! This article is going to be a recap of the NHL Playoffs of what has happened so far and what you can expect the rest of the way.

Here we are either 3 or 4 games into the Second Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The main question most fans are asking right now is how did we get here? For the first time in history, Every division winner has been eliminated. I repeat every division winner has been eliminated. (Again, there is nothing like the NHL Playoffs!) We had the Stars eliminate the Predators, the Avalanche defeat the Flames, The Blue Jackets eliminated the Lighting and the Hurricanes eliminated the reigning Stanley Cup Champ the Capitals.

There were so many storylines to follow as Barry Trotz eliminated the Penguins for the second straight year, this time with the Islanders. The Sharks were able to shake their demons off and make it through the first round. The Bruins eliminated the Leafs in the first round for the second straight year and Boston has won 6 straight series against the Leafs since 1969.

Probably the most under the radar win were the Blues taking out the Jets in a 6 game series. After the first round of the playoffs, every team from Canada (Leafs, Flames, Jets) were eliminated and extended the Stanley Cup drought to at least 26 years. A Canadian team has not won the Cup since Montreal won it back in 1993.

As we are moving forward, the Canes currently hold 3 games to 0 advantage over the Islanders and are on the verge of a sweep that would send them to the Conference Finals. Columbus is up in their series 2 to 1 and the next game is in Columbus which means its not out of the question to think that within the next 3 days, the entirety of the Eastern Conference Finals could be set. It’s too early to count out Boston but they better be prepared to fight.

In the Western Conference, Dallas and St. Louis are tied in their series 2 to 2. They have alternated wins during the series and is the only series currently deadlocked. In the series between San Jose and Colorado, they have also been alternating wins with the Sharks holding a 2 to 1 advantage right now. The Avs need to limit turnovers and play a more gritty style if they are to see the tides shift during the series.

It’s going to be a wild ride to the Stanley Cup Finals so buckle up and enjoy it. And in case you were wondering, I see the Canes, Jackets, Sharks, and Stars making it through this round.

Brant Meeks