5 Albums that Changed my Life: Edition Five

For day 5, it’s only fitting I talk about the great Tupac Shakur, on the anniversary of his death. In regards to his masterpiece, Me Against The World. This album was the poetic opus of Pac’s life. He had evolved from the young militant to an introspective young man, with much insight on the world. Like the title track says, he really felt he had the world against him. Nothing spoke more to that than the album reaching number one while he was in prison.

This album had no region feel to it. The production was soulful and you couldn’t really pinpoint a particular sound. Rarely do you get albums with zero filler tracks. This one was it. The title track is my favorite, and likely has Pac’s best verse. ”Be grateful for blessings, don’t ever change, keep your essence.” Simple yet poignant message. Can U get away was an ode to a woman trapped in a bad relationship, that Pac had an affinity for. Some say Left Eye? Old School encapsulates the reason, Shakur fell in love with hip hop. As he pays homage to the rappers that came before. Also describing his youth, and reminiscing on simpler times.

There was a track for everyone and for every feeling. Shed So Many Tears is a haunting display of guilt, fear and summarizes Pac’s ability to predict the future. Death was all too common for the polarizing artist. I mean, Death Around the corner can’t be any more clear. I always loved 2Pac’s lyrical ability on this record. Versatile flows, deep content, and a slap to the naysayers who express he can’t rap. With that being said, his passion always stands out. As well as his ability to be unapologetically vulnerable. Something that can be missing today. There will never be another Tupac. Or another embodiment of work like Me Against The World.