‘6 UNDERGROUND’ Review: “Explosion Porn”

6 underground is a Typical Michael Bay flick filled with a plethora of explosion porn, beautiful half-naked woman and an infinite amount of Deadpool one-liners, whoops I mean Ryan Reynolds. This movie feels like it was sitting in Michael Bays vault for a decade and was just now released by Netflix. If it weren’t for Ryan Reynolds and this movie would not have been as watchable as it was. The movie is packed opening to closing credits with countless car crashes and numerous explosions and lustful woman. 6 Underground owes pretty much any watchable aspects to Reynolds and his charm. And even with Reynolds, the film misses on a storyline and any true character-building moments.

The film feels like Michael Bay tried to remake and merge the Fast and Furious with the ATEAM and Avengers, as it centers on a rogue team of 6 well 7 specialized operatives who will happily cross borders and waters to right egregious wrongs. Reynolds plays a Tony Stark-level billionaire genius who’s decided to fake his death, become a ghost, and pull off grand vigilante-style heists and hits with operatives he’s recruited (and ghosted) to punish powerful evildoers (in this case, the dictator of Turgistan).

Reynolds’ “One” doesn’t want to be hamstrung by diplomacy, bureaucracy, or corruption but, at the same time, a lot of innocent people — from pedestrians to cops — die during his A-Team-style escapades and he just shrugs it off. Every character has failed at what they are good at in their lives. This leads them to join 6 underground. Ryan Reynolds leads the team to believe anything to complete the mission even if that means losing the life of a team member. As the film goes on the bond between the team continues to grow along with One’s heart. Like the Grinch. As the movie goes on the motto then becomes they are best as a team not by themselves.

6 Underground cast is rounded out Inglourious Basterds’ Mélanie Laurent, The Magnificent Seven’s Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Good Omens’ Adria Arjona, and EastEnders’ Ben Hardy. Laurent and Garcia-Rulfo’s characters resonate the most after Hawkins’, with Arjona and Hardy pulling up the rear with bare-bones personas (and Hardy’s “Four” as the team’s parkour/free runner – which at times made this movie feel like I was watching hardcore parkour videos shot with a go pro on Youtube). Of course, the true stars in any Bay production are the spinning camera shots, fast cuts, and the carnage caused in the streets of famous old cities. Without these moments, and Power rock ballads by Awalnation and Muse. This flick would be a dud.

For all the money thrown at this Movie, you can not beat the opening action sequence — a wicked car chase through Florence, Italy (filled with nuns, mimes, people drinking espresso, moms and their infants, etc) — as far as crass calamity and devastating destruction. Locations and tactics change later on, based on the missions, but this starting scene is over-the-top and you have no idea who the bad guys even are chasing after them.

Overall I truly enjoyed 6 Underground. It is a true Michael Bay flick. If you enjoy a mindless movie with action and explosions out the ASS this is the movie for you. Yeah, the acting is sub-par and the character-building is not-existent. The movie is a popcorn flick and will keep you in excitement for more explosions, car chases, and half-naked women from beginning to end. If you have 2 hours to kill and your scrolling Netflix or cable with nothing on give 6 underground a shot. It won’t disappoint, although I highly recommend watching it on a Sunday alone in your man cave unless your wife or gal is into this kind of movie.