A Penny’s Worth: Matrix 4 is on the Horizon

The Wachowski Sisters (Formerly known as the Wachowski Brothers) are bringing us back into the Matrix with both old and new faces. Some we didn’t expect to return. What is going on with the plot or when it takes place or even if it is going to pay mind to the Matrix Online’s game story, is up in the air.

Here is what we know. Keanu Reeves (Neo) and Carrie-Ann Moss (Trinity) will be returning. Carrie-Ann hasn’t stayed too busy, but Reeves has been killing it with John Wick and several other projects. What roles and how will these believed to be dead character work is unknown.

IMDB and several other sources are already talking about two other actors signed onto the project. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Manta in Aquaman) and Neil Patrick Harris (Do I have to tell you to watch How I Met Your Mother you uncultured swine). Who or what they are playing is unknown.

Noticeably absent from the known cast it Morpheus (Lawerence Fishburne) who has already been working with Keanu Reeves and various other Matrix alumni on John Wick. It could be the actor not wanting to return to the project. It could be his character is dead, like he is in Matrix Online left off.

Now that we have cleared what we know, here is what I think is going to happen. Neil Patrick Harris is going to be an Agent. Something about him wearing a suit and his time with How I Met Your Mother makes me think he has to be an Agent. There is no evidence, this just based on instinct. Worth noting, he has diverse skills that it could be difficult to properly predict it.

The other is that Yahya is going to be playing the role somehow connected to Morpheus. Taking the thought a step further will probably be his child. The flaw is that means he may not be able to jack into the matrix unless that issue is resolved somehow. If they are not getting Morpheus back, then they will want to draw the spirit of the character in some way.

Neo and Trinity will not be alive, is another thought. Neo had a connection to the Matrix, even when not connected to it. As shown when he destroyed Sentinels with his Jedi powers. This leaves the possibility that his mind is still in there. (Considering Reeves doesn’t age he can play that role of an unaging Neo just fine). Trinity may get the same treatment or only exist as a memory he generates.

My final speculation is the story will take place a generation after the movies. This allows for the Matrix Online to still be canon. Allowing for the story to follow how the Matrix has evolved with the peace or how it has collapsed and the repercussions. Harrison and Yahya will be two separate characters who are trying to keep the peace. Possibly following the breadcrumbs of a hiding Neo.

Most of this is just speculation. It is how I as a fan would address the universe and tell the story. I would also be interested in some way of Agent Smith returning, but only if Hugo Weaving did the roll. As he is the original actor and is one of my favorites.

Dreamers and Schemers out there, we could be seeing a good movie or a big let down. I for one will give it a chance, as I am a fan of the universe that the sisters created.