A Penny’s Worth of Rumor: Black Widow and Tony Stark

Speculation and rumors abound right now about the Black Widow movie coming. Originally pitched as dealing with the origins of the character, so a prequel of her. It is now being suggested that she may have been revived with the return of the Soul Stone or Tony’s snap.

To catch you up, warning Endgame spoilers (you should have already seen the movie at this point).  Natasha sacrificed herself to get the soul stone. Told in advance there is no reversal of this because it was a “soul for a soul.” So even if you used the soul stone you couldn’t bring her back. Assuming that it was within its power as we don’t know the full abilities of the stone.

Bruce claimed in Endgame that he tried to include her in the unsnapping. He just couldn’t do it. If that was the end of it. No additional movies or no other details to foster rumors, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. However, we have one more snap and the unprecedented return of the Soul Stone.

Not only do we not know how Steve returned the stone, or what his conversation with the Red Skull was like, but we also don’t know what that means for the soul. It could mean she is allowed to pass on. It could mean that you lose both. There is just no history for us to draw upon.

The second thing and the more unlikely is that during Tony’s snap he already knew he was dead. So he exchanged his own soul for hers. This is another “Soul for a Soul.” This would bring her back and not undo her sacrifice. It would add onto Tony’s.

It would also answer another rumor that we are hearing about Robert Downey. In public it has been said he wants to do a clean break from his Iron Man role and doesn’t want to do any more work with it. Some speculation and rumors have started to float, especially after the loss of Spiderman (Tom Holland), that he may make one more appearance in her movie.

If it is a prequel, no big deal. It deals with her time undercover around him. Possibly before he even built the suit. At that point he would still be a billionaire playboy, getting money from mass murder. His likeness can be lifted from previous movies.

If the second idea holds true though, that he exchanged his soul. Then it would have them in the ‘Waystation’ seen when Thanos snapped.

“What did it cost?”


There we would see one more encounter between the two as he explained what was happening and why she was coming back.

If we have to bring her back, I prefer that method. It leaves a lot of wiggle room and so far doesn’t feel like it is bending any established rules. It goes with what was already done, not to mention said. The only crux to the whole thing is that it would require RDJ to make one more appearance.

Of course, we could have both worlds. It is a prequel and it ends with her reviving at Vorimer. I like this idea as it answers what the hell happened in some of the missions that she kept talking about with Hawkeye. Not to mention gives us a bit of back story with Clint.

What are your ideas to this? Leave us a comment.