Celebrating the Greatness of Tom Hanks

Actor’s Spotlight-Tom Hanks…Possibly the Greatest Actor to Ever Live

Tyler’s Take- Celebrating the Greatness of Tom Hanks

We are taking a look at a man, who really needs no introduction. That would Mr.Tom Hanks. What a man and what a career. And by no surprise, he is still going strong today. As the Golden Globe Awards celebrated Tom’s great legacy by awarding him the Cecil B. DeMille award, we wanted to take a minute to celebrate his greatness.

Whether he is working behind the camera, behind the scenes, or even producing films, his influence can be felt regardless of what the project might be. If Tom Hanks is involved it should be good or at least better than it would be if he wasn’t involved.

Let’s talk about some of these motion pictures, shall we? How about the film ‘Splash’ that came out in 1984, directed by Ron Howard. It also starred John Candy. Hanks played Allen Bauer. He continued to star in films throughout the 80s starring in multiple Penny Marshall films.

A special film to me that Hanks starred in as Jimmy Dugan, who was a manager to an all women’s baseball team. That movie as you know is, ‘A League Of Their Own.’ Penny Marshall also directed it. In 1993 he starred in ‘Sleepless in Seattle.’ In this movie, he portrays Sean Baldwin. He would star in this film with Meg Ryan.

His popularity hit an all-time high in 1994 when he had the biggest role in his career. Hanks was cast as Forrest Gump. What a movie. Hanks plays the role of Gump so well. I have seen this movie at least 100 times. Such memorable moments and quotes from it as well. He went on to win, his second Best Actor Academy Award for this film. The hits keep on coming. As we see a reunion of director Ron Howard and Hanks team up for ‘Apollo 13.’ Hanks played Astronaut-Commander Jim Lovell. This movie earned him nine Academy Award Nominations and he won two of them. What a year for Hanks.

In 1995 he showed even more versatility. He would star in the animation of Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story. Where he voiced Sheriff Woody. Toy Story turned into a classic for both kids and adults. As a matter of fact, Toy Story 4 was recently released.

That next year in 1996, Hanks became a director with a musical comedy that was titled ‘That Thing You Do.’ 1998 saw Hanks star in Saving Private Ryan directed by Steven Spielberg. It was about a war veteran who was telling a story about the allied invasion in Normandy during World War II. Captain Miller was the role Hanks played. Hanks won the Blockbuster Entertainment Award and seven other awards were won for the film. In 1999 more would come with ‘The Green Mile.’ Hanks’ success continued into the 2000s with ‘Cast Away.’

He continued to show his flexibility in 2001 with TV- Mini-Series ‘Band Of Brothers’ where Hanks served as Executive Producer. This series was about the U. S. Army 101st Airborne Division, during World War II. In 2002 Hanks was Michael Sullivan in ‘Road To Perdition’ and played the role of Carl Hanratty in ‘Catch Me If You Can.’ He then got back into the animation world with ‘The Polar Express’ in 2004, as the hero boy, Father, and Conductor. Hanks played the voices for all of these parts.

In 2006 ‘The Da Vinci Code’, a mystery thriller saw Hanks and Howard team up again to produce another classic. ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’ in 2007 would follow soon after. Hanks would follow those films up with another TV Mini-Series in ‘The Pacific.’ The series follows the lives of U.S. Marines fighting against the Japanese. Hanks was an executive-producer, as well as the narrator for the series.

In his recent roles, Hanks took on the role of Captain Richard Phillips in ‘Captain Phillips. He followed that up with an amazing portrayal of Chelsey ‘Sully’ Sullenberger in ‘Sully’ directed by Clint Eastwood.

Can this man do any wrong?

In his latest role, Hanks will play Fred “Mr.” Rogers, in ‘A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood.’ This promises to be a great film like the rest.

Is there a thing this man can do wrong? These are just a few of his legendary films and accomplishments.

Hanks has already had a legendary career and continues adding to it.

Thank you, Tom Hanks, for every movie or show you have had your hands in. Your career is legendary and we look forward to seeing what you have in store for us next. You already are one of the best actors to ever live.