AEW Dynamite 10/23/2019 Results, Recap, & Highlight Videos

AEW Dynamite 10/23/2019 Results, Recap, & Review Podcast

Our voice of The South is back. This time bringing his Take on last night’s AEW Dynamite episode.

Tyler brings a passionate opinion on all things AEW.

DDP returns!!! Moxley vs PAC, Omega vs Janela, Tag Team Tournament

He talks Cody Rhodes, The Inner Circle, Lucha Brothers, Private Party, and much much more!!!

AEW Dynamite 10/23/2019 Results, Recap, & Review

Dynamite starts off with an electric tag- team match between Private Party and The Lucha Bros. Both are talented explosive tag- teams. Fun to watch on Tv, this was a semi-finals match of the AEW tag- team tournament. It was a great way to kick off the show, not showing the normal video package of their superstars. A fresh approach, AEW knows it needs to be different.

We get the introductions, and right into this match. This match showcased athleticism and a fast pace which keeps the audience wanting more. Speaking of that the crowd in Pittsburgh is electric, which adds to the excitement of it all. Lucha Bros get the win after a great match.

A video package for a Wardlow is shown.

SCU vs Dark Order was next. This was the final match in the semi-finals of the tag tournament. Dark Order is an interesting bunch of characters. We will leave it at that. Aubrey Edwards is one of the best refs in wrestling and she is officiating this match. Good combination moves by Kazarian of SCU. Dark Order is very unorthodox in their style. Scorpio Sky is so smooth in the ring, his work is amazing. The Inner Circle would walk through the crowd while the action was still going on. That’s the surprise and exciting element to the show. The Inner Circle are now in a suite watching the tag- team contest. SCU ends up getting the win in a really fun match. SCU and The Lucha Bros for the AEW tag titles.

The Bad Boy Joey Janela vs Kenny Omega was next. This is going to be good, the Cleaner and the Bad Boy are squaring off again due to the success these two had on AEW Dark two weeks ago. Omega made Janela wrestle a fundamental technical match. Those strikes from Omega, wow is all I can say, the sound in the arena adds so much. High- flying offense in this one. Janela showing his offensive arsenal. Holding his own against one of the best in Omega. The dragon suplexes are out of this world awesome by Omega, he snaps them so quick. Let’s give Janela credit as he hits Omega with a nice flying elbow off the top, he has held his own in there. That knee by Omega just hurts looking at it. Janela is tough and resilient. Those chops and strikes by both, I’m in awe, great chemistry between these two. I agree with the fans, this is awesome, as they scream it out loud. One-Winged Angel and Omega gets the win in a really fun match.

Lights go out in the arena. Ominous music hits and it’s Cody Rhodes. He is the American Nightmare after all. Grand entrance, for an interview with Tony Schiavone. Cody had a major announcement or so we thought. Jericho is interrupting, Jericho has a mic. Cody takes a shot at WWE, Cody ready to fight the champion, Jericho. Jericho does not like Pittsburgh, he told Cody he is a coward. Makes a personal insult. The Inner Circle mock Cody as it’s currently 4 on 1. That wouldn’t last long as The Natural Dustin Rhodes comes out, MJF to follow AND wait we have one word for you, BANG! DDP is AEW or at least for tonight. DDP is there to help his good buddy fight off their enemies. They march into the crowd and up the stairs to bring the fight to the Inner Circle. Jericho locks themselves in the luxury box. Cody wraps MJF’s scarf around his hand and breaks the glass window to the box and lets himself in. The action ends up in the concession area, it’s chaos. Jericho is one of the best heels ever. MJF has the potential to be that good as well one day. Booking him as a face teaming with Cody is beneficial to the long run of his character. Great segment to build that storyline.

The action continues as The Best Friends challenge The Young Bucks. Orange Cassidy has arrived, his fake offense is horrible. This guy is very bothersome. The Young Bucks make him pay with some real offense as they nail him with a double superkick. Both teams brawl to start, The Bucks are innovative and sensational. They work so well, as a team. I’m captain obvious on that observation. A DDT on the ring apron, from the Bucks. I’m impressed with the Best Friends. Time limits are old school, but I don’t mind it when talking about the Tv time. A german suplex from the top by the Best Friends. Orange Cassidy showed real offense by getting involved and doing high risk on the Young Bucks. Good move. Still, don’t like the guy. Superkick Party by the Jackson Brothers, high-risk moves won the match for the Bucks. The Young Bucks have a mic, they accept the challenge by Santana and Ortiz for a match at Full Gear.

Jamie Hayter vs Dr. Britt Baker in a homecoming for Baker. Hayter is aggressive. I like that, Baker will look strong as well. Hayter not playing in her debut continues to be aggressive but Baker makes a comeback. They fight on the outside, sling blade by Doctor Baker. Hayter keeps Britt grounded, but Baker exchanges blows with Hayter. Submission attempt by Hayter, but Britt counters it. Good match, it’s fun, and both these women are great athletes. Superkick by the Dr, swinging neck breaker by Britt. Another superkick into submission lockjaw. Baker wins. Nice win in the Doc’s homecoming.

Our Main Event, Jon Moxley vs Pac. Pac hits Moxley with a steel chair before the bell and chokes Moxley with his own jacket. Intensity personified with these two, Pac trying to get an edge early. Pac is so quick and versatile. He is dominant early on Moxley. Moxley would find his fire and beats on Pac. Pac comes back, Pac hits kicks, and Moxley was begging for them. Moxley sends Pac’s head to the apron of the ring. Great match, these two need to wrestle again. Their styles are what I enjoy about AEW! Homage to Dean Malenko from Moxley with the Texas Cloverleaf. Falcon Arrow off the top rope, by Pac just incredible. DDT by Moxley time ran out. Time Limit Draw. No winner, Moxley DDT’s the ref out of frustration and anger.

What a great night of action from AEW. This show did not disappoint. From start to finish the show was exciting. The tag matches were great, DDP showing up was fun, and the singles matches made all six competitors look great. Great night of wrestling from AEW.