AEW Dynamite 11/6/19 Results, Recap, Highlight Videos, & More

Tyler’s Take AEW Dynamite 11/6/19 Results & Recap Podcast

Our Golden Voice Southern Boy is back with this week’s AEW Dynamite Results and Recap.

In this episode, Tyler gives his take on the epic promo from Cody Rhodes, The Inner Circle, and Full Gear!

AEW Dynamite 11/6/19 Results & Recap

This would be the go-home episode of Dynamite before Full Gear and let me tell you, folks, this show would not disappoint. Full Gear will be held in Baltimore this Saturday Night. Dynamite took place from Charlotte, North Carolina, which is traditionally a great and historic wrestling city. The Queen City was the home of some of the greatest moments and memories in wrestling.

We kick off the show, with what I thought was a great match. Trent Barretta of the Best Friends took on Pac in a singles match. Trent is so talented and a great worker. Pac is sensational, his in-ring work and ability are second to none. At the end of the match, Pac would win with the Brutalizer submission. After the match, Pac said he is going to make an example of Adam Hangman Page at Full Gear. The best thing that happened in this segment was when Pac kicked Orange Cassidy in his face. Have I mentioned once or twice how much I dislike Cassidy? What a horrid gimmick.

Next Cody Rhodes would cut one of the best promos in a wrestling ring in a long long time. It was passionate and emotional, Cody went as far as saying if he does not win at Full Gear, then he will never challenge for the World’s Heavyweight Title again. Again, I can’t state how amazing this promo was. Cody lit the wrestling world on fire with this promo. If you weren’t invested in his match with Jerico at Full Gear you certainly are now.

Next, we get a solid tag team match that sees the Dark Order taking on Private Party. This match would be for a shot at the tag titles at Full Gear. Great start, fast-paced, it was just really good. If you enjoy high spots this was for you. Private Party wins and they are now facing SCU and the Lucha Bros for the AEW Tag Titles at Full Gear.

In the next segment, we would get one of the best video packages ever. It really proves why Chris Jericho is one of the best of all time and in the World right now. The video showed Sammy Guevara hyping and putting Jericho over as were Ortiz and Santana. Hager does not need to say anything. He’s such a badass. Soul Train Jones and an Aunt friend from Church were all about Jericho. Hyping him and explaining why he will retain his title over Cody. Just a great video package.

AEW is on fire to start the show.

Next, we would get a very solid women’s tag team match. The team of Emi Sakura and Jayme Hayter would square off against Shanna and AEW Women’s champ Riho. Both teams worked well and it came as a pleasant surprise that Sakura and Hayter won. Another Brandi Rhodes video segment was shown. In the video, she cut another promo showing her darker edge. We know Awesome Kong is aligned with Brandi, maybe that’s what is driving her to the dark side.

AEW’s resident Chairman Shawn Spears took on Brandon Cutler. Spears is with Tully Blanchard. Before we get into the match, footage of Spears and Tully attacking Joey Janela was shown. Cutler looked good with his a great striking kick arsenal. But Spears was too much as he hit a Death Valley Driver for the win. The Chairman was not done with Cutler. The post-match assault would continue until Janela would make the save.

We get another great video segway hyping the Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley Full Gear match. Omega will sacrifice anything to do what it takes to beat Mox. He is not afraid. Moxley likes it when the worst is brought out of him and Omega is bringing his crazy out.

The main event would see a tag team match featuring Adam Hangman Page and Kenny Omega taking on Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho. Incredible match all these superstars are just awesome in their own way. A lot of good action hard-hitting action in this one. Hager was with Guevara and Jericho. Hager gets in on the action and interferes in the match. Pac would come out and low blow Page. Judas effect by Jericho to win it for the Inner Circle. Hager, Jericho, and Guevara are taking out everyone.

Cody hits the ring and hits the Cross Rhodes on Guevara. As the Inner Circle is leaving MJF comes out with a steel chair to exact some revenge. We see Moxley come out with a barbed wire bat to confront Omega. Omega has a broom with Barbed-wire. These two lunatics are going to kill each other on Saturday. Ortiz and Santana come out and attack them both.

This is pure chaos as everybody brawling now. Cody and Jericho, the Young Bucks and Ortiz and Santana, Omega and Moxley, Hager and MJF. Chaos!! The match would end when Nick Jackson would fly off the screen on stage onto everyone fighting below and that’s how the show would end.

Just an absolutely fantastic way to end a quality show. From amazing promos and video segments to great in-ring action Dynamite had it all tonight.

Full Gear is this Saturday evening, November 9th. Enjoy the show folks.