AEW Dynamite 2/12/20 Review and Full Highlight Videos

AEW Dynamite 2/12/20 Review

Isn’t it nice when you feel like a promotion not only listens to its fans but can also see when something doesn’t work and they make the necessary changes?

This past Wednesday’s episode of AEW Dynamite continued to make me feel like I’m watching a wrestling organization that caters to me.

The opening match of the night kicked off with a Tag Team Title rematch, as SCU went up against the champs, Kenny Omega and Adam Hangman Page. Now while I love the Lucha Brothers and The Young Bucks, Kenny and the Hangman are quickly becoming my favorite team. The technical prowess of Kenny combined with the strength and speed of Page really makes this team an absolute blast to watch. Plus the attitude change of the Hangman (necessary change) has actually got him over. BIG TIME.

As the teams prepare to grapple, a promo from the Dark Order comes on the screen. Evil Uno lets the audience know that they should be prepared for the arrival of the Exalted One. This, in turn, distracts Christopher Daniels who decides to leave his SCU compadres behind to go “investigate”. I know they are trying to tease The Fallen Angel as the leader but I don’t believe this will be the case.

While I’m not going to go on a move by move breakdown of the match, I will say the continuity in which the Hangman and Omega have been executing lately mimics that of a team that has been partners for years. 

Over the weeks they keep teasing Hangman turning on Omega at any point. Kenny continues to line up behind his opponent in the direct line of fire on the Hangman’s lariat, making us all anticipating for the one day when Page will miss and take out Omega. But I’m really hoping this angle is not rushed and is allowed to be played out. 

There was a lot of back and forth between both teams leaving me sitting on the edge of my couch in anticipation that either team could win at any moment. But it was Kenny Omega getting the pin on Frankie Kazarian and the champs walked out of Austin, Texas still with the gold! And once business is done, Page goes off on his own once again to celebrate with the fans with a cold beer.

But we’re not ready to move on to the next segment just yet, as the ring fills up several of the tag teams that will compete in next week’s tag team battle royal to determine who will go on to face the tag team champs at Revolution on Saturday, February 29. And who will be facing the winning team of the Battle Royal? It’s still not set in stone. As it was announced that Omega and Page will have to go first through the Lucha Brothers on next week‘s Dynamite.

The second match of the night pits The Natural Dustin Rhodes against Sammy Guevara, accompanied to the ring by Jake ” I haven’t wrestled a match yet ” Hager. Sammy Guevara is one of those guys that can put on a good match week in and week out and this was no exception. Of course, when Hager is at ringside you can expect him to get involved. At one point in the match, Hager and Rhodes exchanged words outside the ring. Rhodes asks Hager “You want to do this now?” There were some good spots in this match, going back and forth between Guevara and Rhodes. In the end, it was the veteran Rhodes getting the win. 

But as Hager and Sammy made their way back up the ramp, Dustin got on the mic and called out Hager asking him if he was in AEW to fight or just collect a paycheck. While Hager didn’t accept the challenge initially, it was confirmed later on in the show that at Revolution Jake Hager will finally wrestle his first match and it will be against Dustin Rhodes.

The next segment has Tony Schiavone doing yet another interview with Dr. Britt Baker. The Dr. really wasn’t getting over as a face like I’m sure AEW was hoping to. But with her new attitude change, I’m loving the Doc more and more each week and she’s getting the right type of heat now (necessary change). A few big words, some jabs at Tony and of course some insults to the fans has Baker leaving in a sea of boos.

The next match is the second title match of the evening pitting the challenger Nyla Rose against the champ Riho. Recently there’s been this movement against Riho, that she hasn’t defended her title enough. I’m not sure I’m in agreement with that. I think she’s been on plenty of shows. And to be honest we know the women’s division still needs to really find its stride and that’s why I believe we’ve seen a flux in different types of matches for the possibility of finding the woman who can spearhead the division.

On to the match. If the women’s division is looking to get its engine going, this could be the match to start the ignition. Riho and Nyla put on one hell of a match! At points,  Nyla played with Riho like she was a doll. But this little spitfire was not going to take a beating from the Native Beast without putting up a fight. And Riho just didn’t try to put up a fight but this fearsome 98 pounder (Jim Ross has engraved this in my brain) turned on her own beast mode.

Not only did Riho go on a terror hitting Nyla with several of her signature moves but maybe Riho has been eating her spinach as she Snap Dragon Suplexed Nyla multiple times. However, Riho was not strong to the finish as Nyla Rose crushed her with a spear and finished her off with a sit-down powerbomb, getting the victory.

Backstage we then get a promo video of Chris Jericho accompanied by the Inner Circle. During this promo, Jericho reveals that next week Jon Moxley will have yet another obstacle in his way.

Announcing that Moxley will have to square off with Jeff Cobb. Now, I like what they did by announcing Jeff Cobb in advance to give people who are unfamiliar with the former Olympian an opportunity to learn about him instead of him just showing up out of nowhere and getting little to no reaction like the debut of Butcher and the Blade.

The next match pits the man who’s better than you and you know it!  MJF comes out to major heat fresh off of last week’s lashing of Cody Rhodes. Brandi Rhodes joins the announcing crew officially showing that the Nightmare Collective storyline is dead (another necessary change). 

As much as people dislike MJF, he CAN wrestle. As well as his opponent Jungle Boy. These two put on a great match. Now, while Cody was not present this week, his coach Arn Anderson was in the back scouting MJF. And what would an MJF match be without some taunting? But this time MJF proceeds to grab his manhood and yells at Brandy “You could have a real man” But Brandi plays off the suggestive gesture as Wardlow appears less the one minute later like he was being summoned by MJF.

Of course, by now we know that every time Wardlow shows up at ringside, there will be some foul play. Wardlow sneaks the diamond ring to MJF, he then clocks Jungle Boy in the head with it. After landing the double-cross on Jungle Boy,  MJF gets the pin.

The main event in Austin Texas pits Santana of The Inner Circle against Jon Moxley. If you were expecting any wrist-locks or armbars in this match you haven’t been paying attention. I was expecting a fight and that’s what I got! The two brawled outside the ring before the bell even rang. While this match seemed to be on even playing ground (with each combatant only having one good eye going into this bout). Santana had an ace up his sleeve with his partner Ortiz at Ringside causing some ruckus. But the ace wasn’t enough for Santana, as Moxley lands a blinded paradigm shift and gets the win in the books, but pays for it in the end. First with Ortiz attacking him, then a mugging by the Inner circle and finishing up with one last punishing blow from Jericho’s hired assassin, Jeff Cobb.

My final grade for this week‘s AEW show is an A. From start to finish this week’s Dynamite had me hooked! Every match was solid if not great. All the Interview segments were great and told good stories. Omega and The Hangman continued to shine as a tag team. And we have a new Women’s Champion, Nyla Rose.

Already announced for this coming Wednesday show:

  • The Lucha Brothers Vs. Omega and Page.
  • The huge Tag Team Battle Royal.
  • And of course AEW’s first Cage match between MJF’s attack dog, Wardlow and Cody Rhodes.

Is it too early to say I’m excited for Dynamite next Wednesday?

Tony Miller

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