AEW to Crown it’s FIRST AEW Women’s Champion

All Elite Wrestling has been around for a few months and they’ve been preparing fast with building their roster, landing big stars and future talents and landing a huge TV deal with Turner Network Television. They’ve already done three official shows under the AEW brand with their next one ALL OUT coming up on the 31st of this month. At All Out, the AEW Heavyweight Championship will be determined as Chris Jericho faces Hangman Adam Page. 

Today, Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated and AEW later confirmed that the company has decided to crown its first ever AEW Women’s Champion when the new weekly AEW broadcast comes on TNT October 2nd.

Now I must say this will be interesting. As of right now, AEW does not have a big women’s roster. If you count the Joshi wrestlers, they’ve been using they have a sufficient roster, but they really need to sign more females to their roster to make their women’s division significant. Let’s go through the women that are signed and see who is the most qualified.


Former Impact Knockout Women’s Champion and a great talent in the ring. She could be a good AEW Women’s Champion, but I don’t think she could be the leader of the division right now.

Awesome Kong

One of the most dominant females in the last 10 years of wrestling, Awesome Kong tore through Impact Wrestling’s Knockout Division and was a force in her short time with WWE. I think she could also be a great champion. Question is whether or not, she can carry a division like she used to.

Bea Priestley

One of the best performers to ever come out of the UK and girlfriend to one Aerial Assassin and current IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Priestley has her own feet that she’s stood on and made quite a name for herself. For me, Priestley is one of three names that if booked creatively can lead the AEW Women’s Division as champion.

Brandi Rhodes

I mean come on this isn’t at all out of the realm of possibility. Yes, Brandi is the Chief Branding Officer but she’s also a wrestler as she proved in a match with Allie that I dare not talk about. I wouldn’t be surprised if somehow, she became the first champion, but it would be a bad business decision because she is still quite green in the ring.

Dr. Britt Baker DMD

My favorite doctor and my #1 prospect when it comes to an AEW Women’s Champion. Forget that she was the first official member of the division signed but she’s great in the ring, she has a leadership quality and again, if booked correctly, she could be the first AEW Women’s Champion

Hikaru Shida

One of the Joshi wrestlers who put on a great performance at AEW Double or Nothing. She has talent. She has potential. But not AEW Women’s Championship potential right now.

Kylie Rae

The smiling goes lucky star is a good performer in the ring. She has a big name with fans but she’s not ready to be champion. Especially since she hasn’t been around since Double or Nothing. I just don’t see her as the first champion. She will be a champion but not this year.

Leva Bates

One of the two librarians (don’t you dare say Shhh), Leva Bates is talented…but nowhere near AEW Women’s Championship material. If she drops the Librarian gimmick, maybe but she still has a lot to prove to the AEW fanbase.

Nyla Rose

A beast in the ring and my #2 prospect to be AEW Women’s Champion. Nyla and AEW made history as Nyla is the first transgender performer signed by AEW but that’s irrelevant. The relevant thing is this girl can go in the ring. Agile, strong, all-around powerhouse. I would say she could be the driving force for this women’s division, and she could make a hell of an AEW Women’s Champion.

Penelope Ford

The beautiful Penelope Ford isn’t just eye candy. She is a pure talent if I’ve ever seen one. She can perform with the women and the men and make it entertaining. Can she be AEW Women’s Champion? With the right creative direction, yes, she can but the real question is, Will Penelope Ford, be the first Women’s Champion? No.

Sadie Gibbs

A recent signing with a lot of upstart and potential. She has wrestled in many countries with many promotions. She will not be the first Women’s Champion but with time, she can definitely be molded into one

Details of how the AEW Women’s Champion will be released on the “Road To All Out” series on YouTube most likely by Cody Rhodes. This is an exciting time for wrestling and AEW is running out the starting gates fast. I look forward to seeing who becomes the first AEW Women’s Champion.

J.D. Phillips