AFC East Week One Division Breakdown


Dolphins 10/ Ravens 59(W)

This thing in Miami is ugly we heard there would be a revolt by Dolphins players, we saw exactly what that revolt looked like in the form of their play on the field. The Ravens beat the absolute Dog S#*T out of this team. Dolphins fans I know this one was painful to watch. Lamar Jackson looked like the second coming of Michael Vick yesterday throwing 4 first-half touchdowns, two to the rookie receiver “Hollywood” Brown. Mark Ingram would add a pair of TDs on the ground to go with it.

It’s being reported out of Miami that Dolphins players are going to their agents demanding they secure trades for them, due to the lack of coaching and integrity this organization is showing. A lot of players realized this Sunday when new head coach Brian Flores had absolutely no game plan ready for the Ravens.

Bills 17(W)/ Jets 16

This game was very good and it came down to the wire. I think we saw a lot of what we were expecting from both second-year quarterbacks. Josh Allen was the better of the two yesterday but not by much. Both guys were very inaccurate at times and they both made some really good plays at times too. Le’Veon Bell’s return went well considering we didn’t know what to expect. Now we have a better vision of how Adam Gase plans to use him moving forward. John Brown was up to his old tricks catching a 38-yard strike for what would prove to be the game-winner for the Buffalo Bills.

Steelers 3/ Patriots 33(W):

I said the Patriots won the AFC on Saturday having not played a single game. This by far and away was already the best offense in the NFL and they got even better. Defensive coordinators should be fearful to face this team with a healthy and hopefully drug-free Josh Gordon to pair with Antonio Brown and Julian Edelman. This might be the most talented group Brady has had to throw to.

As for their Sunday night matchup, this was typical Tom Brady. An offensive explosion by these guys scoring 33 points on what we thought would be a very good Steelers defense. Josh Gordon had a great game, which is promising for Pats fans. Brady is now 6-0 in his career against the Steelers in Foxborough. The defense was incredible too. They limited the Steelers to just 3 points. I know it’s only week 1 but as Mike Tomlin said in the post-game press conference it was unacceptable for his football team to look like this and to do it in Prime-time with the entire world watching makes it a lot worse.