AFC North Week 3 Recap

We’re almost a quarter of the way through the NFL Regular Season and in the AFC North, the early battle has gone to the Ravens winning their first two games. Cleveland came back from an embarrassing loss to Tennessee in Week 1 to destroy the Jets in Week 2. Steelers have been a non-factor in the AFC North, getting massacred by Tom Brady and the Patriots in Week 1 then losing to Seattle in Week 2. They also lost Ben Roethlisberger for the season so that’s bad for them. The Bengals have played well but lost in bad fashion in the last two weeks. Let’s see how these four teams performed in Week 3:

Cincinnati Bengals vs Buffalo Bills

There is a reason why the Cleveland Browns are no longer considered the AFC North Basement Dwellers. The Bengals are horrible, and this game proved why. Andy Dalton had thrown for over 200 yards in all these games this season for Cincinnati, but he hasn’t made a difference. In this game, he threw for 249 yards, made 20 out of 36 passes, only 1 TD and 2 INTs. Cincinnati also gave up fumbles. None of the receivers had over 90 yards, yes you heard that right, none of them had over 90 yards in this game. Bengals lose their third consecutive game. 21-17 Buffalo.

Stud of The Game: Josh Allen – 23/36, 243 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

Results: CIN 17 – BUF 21

Pittsburgh Steelers vs San Francisco 49ers

After two straight losses and losing their franchise QB Ben Roethlisberger to a season-ending injury, it’s no surprise that the Steelers lost this game as well. Backup Mason Rudolph only got 174 yards for 2 TDs and an INT on 14 for 27 passes. Jimmy Garoppolo was better with 277, 1 TD but 2 INTs on 23/32 passing. Steelers lose a close one but still loses. 24-20 San Francisco.

Stud of The Game: Jimmy Garoppolo – 23/32, 277 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT

Results: PIT 20 – SF 24

Cleveland Browns vs Los Angeles Rams

This game was interesting. Everyone had the Browns being blown out by the Rams, but it was closer than was previously thought. Jared Goff wasn’t good in this performance for LA. 24/38, 269 yards, 2 TDs, 2 INTs. Baker Mayfield wasn’t any better. Only completing 50% of his passes, only 195 yards, 1 TD and his 5th INT in 3 weeks. Browns are in trouble but more on that on the upcoming Bark Of The Dawg article here on AEE. Browns lose a close one. 20-13 Los Angeles.

Stud Of The Game: Jared Goff – 24/38, 269 yards, 2 TDs, 2 INTs

Results: CLE 13 – LA 20

Baltimore Ravens vs Kansas City Chiefs

Lamar Jackson vs Patrick Mahomes. Two of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL faced off and both men showed out. Jackson completed 22 out of 43 of his passes for 267 yards. Unfortunately no TDs or INTs. Mahomes had 374 on 27/37 passing with 3 TDs. Baltimore’s RB Mark Ingram had 3 TDs on 103 rushing. Baltimore loses a close war. 33-28 Kansas City.

Stud Of The Game: Patrick Mahomes- 27/37, 374 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs


Baltimore Ravens 2-1

Cleveland Browns 1-2

Pittsburgh Steelers 0-3

Cincinnati Bengals 0-3


  • Baltimore may have to work on their defense if they gave up almost 400 yards of offense, they still look to be in great shape.
  • Pittsburgh is still in the basement and that’s not good.
  • Cleveland still has to figure out who they are as a team and Mayfield has to show that he is the QB for this team.
  • Cincinnati is Cincinnati. Nothing more to say.


  • Baltimore beats Cleveland 30-13
  • Cincinnati beats Pittsburgh 24-10

Stay tuned to All Everything Entertainment as the NFL season goes on and the wild battle for the AFC North crown continues in the NFL.