AFC West Week 5 Recap

Holy smokes folks! The season is going by so fast and before we know it its gonna be over. Alright, that’s enough depressing talk for now. The Chiefs aren’t robots after all! The Raiders come up with another huge win! The Chargers were the Chargers! The Broncos finally put the pieces together!

  • Standings:
  • Chiefs (4-1)
  • Raiders (3-2)
  • Chargers (2-3)
  • Broncos (1-4)

Raiders vs. Bears

Wow. The Raiders who have struggled to find an identity have seemed to find one in the previous two weeks, beating good teams such as the Colts and the Bears.

Offensively the Raiders did just enough to win them the game. Both of the Raiders losses have been because they were not able to develop an effective offensive attack. Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce to you, Josh Jacobs. For Raiders fans this young buck from Alabama is the truth. Jacobs is currently the 5th best rusher in the NFL and has been the spark for this Raiders offense that desperately needed it.

Defensively the Raiders have become more stout in recent weeks. They are not the best but they are doing just enough to keep the offense in the game. They intercepted the ball twice on Sunday.

Raiders win 24-21

Player of the Game: Josh Jacobs (123 Rush, 2 TD)

Broncos @ Chargers

This implies that the Broncos had an away game but it was the Chargers who had an away game. The stadium was full of orange and you could hear defense chants while the Chargers offense was on the field. The Chargers are struggling to find an identity in a town that clearly does not want them. Looks like stabbing San Diego in the back wasn’t the best move after all.

The Broncos were great in this game. Their run game mixed with a Courtland Sutton 70 yard touchdown lifted them to a commanding 17-0 lead against the bolts.

Denver also finally got their first takeaways of the season with three of them. Put all of this together and you get a Broncos victory.

As for the Chargers, forcing Melvin Gordon down the offense’s throat and poor play calling cost them this game. The Chargers need to figure themselves in the red zone because as it stands they are horrendous.

Broncos win 20-13

Player of the Game: Phillip Lindsay (114 Rush, TD)

Colts @ Chiefs

The Chiefs aren’t as perfect as we thought.

Mahomes managed to move the ball well, but they just couldn’t put points on the board. The Chiefs need to establish the run game so they can take some of the pressure off of Mahomes.

The defense was great. They allowed more than enough opportunity for the Chiefs to win. The Chiefs who typically score thirty points per game with ease failed on Sunday night.

This one is on the Offense.

Colts Win 19-13

Player of the Game: Marlon Mack (29 CAR, 151 RUSH)