AL Wild Card Race-Will we get a Play in Game?

The AL wild card is coming down to the final stretch, as we have entered September. The Rays sit in the top spot at 83-59, with Oakland a half-game behind at 81-58. Cleveland is one game back, with a record of 81-60.

The Rays have the toughest schedule remaining, but they seem like they’re on a mission. They have 6 left with the Jays, and still play Boston, NY and the Dodgers.

Oakland has the softest schedule of the 3 teams as KC, Seattle, and Detroit makes up a great portion of the remainder. Only Texas could really play spoiler.

Cleveland has basically conceded the division, and with Jose Ramirez sidelined, the wild card could prove difficult. They play the Twins, 6 times, as well as the Phillies and Nationals, 6 times. Yet their rotation is very good and can carry them. On paper, they should be the best team here. That doesn’t always equate to success. Injuries, circumstances, and a bit of luck play a part.

All in all, this could go down to the final day of the season. I believe TB and Oakland pull it off. I think the Twins will be a thorn in Cleveland’s side, and offensively they will suffer. Let’s root for a one-game playoff for that second spot.