AL Wild Card Weekly

The AL wild card is getting pretty darn wild, as the Oakland A’s have surged to the top of the race, after winning 8 of 10. Including series wins against powerhouses, Houston and NY. Their team on paper isn’t overly impressive, but isn’t that what Billy Beane teams do? Turn fake chains into platinum watches. Although nobody will ever sneeze at the brilliance that is Matt Chapman. Oakland has power, and their bullpen has really thrived of late.

Tampa Bay75-54

Cleveland has lost 7 of 10. Including a surprising sweep by the Mets. The Indians still are tied in the loss column, for the second wc spot. And only one loss behind Oakland. They have 9 games vs Kc and Detroit on the schedule. Bad teams could decide this race. Oakland also has 11, vs the same two teams. Teams like that love to play spoiler. This could go down to the last day of the year.

The Rays have been solid lately, going 6 and 4 in their last 10. They have a tougher schedule than the other two teams. 21 games vs the Dodgers, Redsox, young Bluejays, Houston, Cleveland and NY. That is a gauntlet of fire down the stretch. While they may be better on paper than Oakland, they could fall short due to their competition.

Cleveland is probably the best team overall, yet that doesn’t mean everything. They still have visions of winning the Central. The Twins have picked up the pace, and have a 4 loss advantage. The two squads have 6 games left vs one another. At the end of the day, I foresee Oakland and Cleveland taking the WC spots. My mind changes weekly, but that’s how close this race is.