ALDS Preview: Twins vs Yankees

The ALDS between the Twins and Yankees kicks off tonight, in a matchup between baseball’s two premier power-hitting teams. The Twins edged out the Yankees 307 to 306 in team homerun battle. The Yankees won the war though, taking 4 of 6 games vs the Twinkies this year. Including the game of the year in Minnesota, an intense affair that ended with a miraculous catch by Aaron Hicks.

What can we expect in this best of 5? More homers perhaps? When they last played, it was disastrous pitching and excessive power. The postseason doesn’t care about any of that. The Yankees have the home-field advantage, the superior bullpen and a lineup to match the Twins. The starters are about even. Each team has capable starters, but there was inconsistency in each respective staff. Berrios is an elite arm like Paxton, yet he too struggled to find balance. Those are the two game one starters.

The Yankees will bank on their never say die attitude. The Twins have to prove they can steal a game in New York. Their bullpen has to hold up in late innings. They can mash with anyone, yet will Duffy, May, Rodgers, and Romo be up for the challenge in front of rabid fans?

Time will tell. I predict the Yankees take this series in four games. The Twins have a chance because of their historic power. They just don’t do anything infinitely better than the Yankees. You simply can’t script October, though. Let’s get it on.