American Horror Story Season Rankings


Here is a list of my rankings of American Horror Story seasons 1-9. This show has been fantastic over the last decade and has provided quite a few scares. This list will start with the best and go to the worst. I did love every season though so I’m starting with my favorite and working my way down.

1.) Season 2: Asylum: This season was the best in my opinion and is my personal favorite. The setting of an insane asylum was perfect. It showed all of the horrors that one could imagine takes place in an asylum.

2.) Season 9: 1984: Loved that this season went full 80s slasher mode. It had incredible and gory kills throughout the entire series. It would feature an excellent summer camp setting. I also loved how they made the show about the Night Stalker.

American Horror Story

3.) Season 1: Murder House: I loved how this season relied on more of psychological horrors. Great ensemble this season and good scares.

4.) Season 3: Coven: This season was so much fun. I love anything that deals with voodoo and witches. The special effects in this season were well done.

5.) Season 8: Apocalypse: I wasn’t sure if I would like this season at first, but I liked that the show did a cross over between murder house and coven.

6.) Season 5: Hotel: This season was pretty decent, but the direction towards the middle of the season changed and I couldn’t get behind that.

7.) Season 4: Freakshow: I liked the introduction to the killer clown. The freakshow setting was pretty cool and interesting. Old school carnie horror story.

American Horror Story

8.) Season 6: Roanoke: This season was hard to follow at first and then became surprisingly good about halfway through. It would have been higher on the list had it been not so hard to follow.

9.) Season 7: Cult: I liked some parts of Cult, but overall it was a pretty big letdown. I didn’t really care for most of the political issues within the season.

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