Andrew Luck, Thank You-Colts Star QB Retires from the NFL

On Saturday, August 24, 2019, Indianapolis Colts franchise quarterback Andrew Luck informed Colts owner Jim Irsay that he is retiring from the NFL. I repeat the four-time Pro Bowler, 29 years old, first overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft, Stanford great, goofy-ass smile, and ultimate teammate and leader Andrew Luck is retiring.

Luck has stated that he is “Mentally Fatigued, and has lost the love for the game of football”. Luck has been on a journey of cycles with injuries and rehab since late 2015 to the present. Luck leaves this game as the third-best QB in all QB stats for the Colts franchise. Luck finishes his career with 23,671 passing yards/ 171 passing touchdowns/ 83 INT/ 60.8 completion percentage/53-33 record/ 4-4 postseason record/ 89.5 passer rating/ 185 total touchdowns.

Here is my opinion on this whole scenario. It’s HIS right to call it a career whenever he feels like it. He did it before the season started. If he did this during the season it would have been distasteful like eating a spoon full of sugar after drinking a glass of water.

Russell Wilson is now the best quarterback to come out in the 2012 draft, with the possibility of Cousins or Foles to possibly overtake Luck position, which is number 2 now….now that is insane just writing that. The most reliable college player, at the QB position, that had everyone drooling from their mouths to draft Luck when he was coming out of Stanford.

The only two winners that I can see through all of this is former QB and future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning and the AFC south. Peyton was released due to his ongoing neck complications, and he ended up winning with the Denver Broncos in 2015 and breaking all offense records in 2013. Everybody loses, as fans of this game, this Colts team has super bowl aspirations with luck at the helm, not now with Jacoby Brisset becoming their starter. The AFC South is now wide and I mean wide open, okay Jaguars and Texans you both are up.

We can’t blame the fans in Indy whatsoever. It was classless, but it was also the spur of the moment, were all human. Andrew Luck will go down as a disappointment in a sense because of what he has to be compared to, and being a number 1 overall pick. he will always be known as a strong competitor, super athletic, a warrior, and a well-respected leader throughout the NFL. Let me say this if there is one team who can handle this sudden implosion it is the Colts and GM Ballard. This team is one piece away still from becoming championship contenders. Yes, that one piece is the most important position in all of the sports, but maybe just maybe the Colts can get that piece in the near future.

Thank you Andrew Luck, for the thrills as a fan of football, and a fan of yours since you came into this league in 2012.

Go enjoy life, and live life as you stated tonight at your press conference.