Andy Serkis is reading the Hobbit LIVE NOW


Today, actor and director Andy Serkis will read the entire JRR Tolkien novel The Hobbit, in one sitting. Andy is well known for his relationship with Lord of the Rings, voicing gollum in the original trilogy and reprising his role in The Hobbit films. He has recently gotten into directing as well. Doing a live-action version of Jungle Book and is going to be directing the sequel to Venom. 

He has decided to help raise money for charities around the world during the pandemic by reading the book from front to finish in a 12-hour Marathon. This unprecedented act of charity should not be overlooked. Not only is having a voice actor read the book to people that are at home very heartfelt, but someone that is forever intertwined in Middle Earth hits every nerd in the sweet spot. 

This reading will be free but he is accepting donations at Hobbitathon at the go fund me page. I will put a link below.

Make sure you tune in and see this amazing story told like never before. You can’t help but love some of the entertainers that are coming together through the world we live in today. Post Malone doing a tribute to Nirvana was a great stepping stone.

I hope more people stand on the shoulders of these giants, and continue to help others around the world. If you can, please donate and help others. We all need to lean on each other to get through this tough time.

Hopefully we can do this with some great entertainment ahead,  like The Hobbit being read by Andy Serkis. 

Click here for the reading!!!

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