Anibal Sanchez is Nuttin but a Tease-NLCS Game 1 Recap

With the Nationals on the road and their top 2 pitchers resting due to their performances that helped the Nationals be in this position in the 1st place, the most unlikely hero to come out of D.C. last night was Anibel Sanchez. Anibal went on the pitcher’s mound and basically treated the Cardinals lineup the way a drunk girl would treat a pact of high school players she met at a speed dating event. He was not interested in walking with them, he just wanted to take them out, use the various balls given to him to get these guys in & out of the box as quickly as possible so he can get onto the next. And played a lot of mind games while doing so.

There was no fear of being hit, be it soft or hard, and no wavering of anyone that stood in his way. He flirted and flirted for over 2 hours, and although he finished his performance, his riser became a sinker and he just was not able to climax on all the hard work he put in, having to rely on a buddy. Sean Doolittle needed to come in the final minutes and manage to, sloppily all be it, finish off the remainder of men that came into the box. Despite having 2 more regular-season wins than St. Louis, the Nationals are the underdog in the race for the NL pennant and lost home-field advantage due to them being a wild card and the Cardinals a division winner.

So how judicious was it that Washington took back what was deservedly theirs in the first place while having 2 of the (arguably) best pitchers in the NL waiting in the well-rested wings of Davey Martinez’ starting rotation. If Scherzer & Strasburg continue to pitch vs. St. Louis the way they’ve pitched so far in the postseason, Anibel Sanchez might not have only said Bienvenidos in the 1st inning of Game 1 to the Cardinals batting lineup, making them feel all safe, warm & fuzzy with all of his complimentary pitches, eventually forcing them to start swinging, against their better judgment. But may have also slipped them cab fare, given them a brown bag full of hard-boiled eggs, a cup filled with ‘peanuts & crackerjacks’ and a signature Derek Jeter gift basket (complete with autographed balls, used wood and a toothbrush/mouthwash travel kit) and shouted from the fire escape window “VAYA CON DIOS!” to the entire St. Louis Cardinals 2019 season.