Animal Abuse: 3 Scenarios Where The Roman Reigns Situation Could Be Headed

In life, you have to fight for what you want. 

You have to fight to go where you want to ascend to.

You have to battle through all the obstacles, embrace all the challenges and overcome.

You have to work hard to get what you desire…

Or you could just play bumper cars with actual cars and knock down some random scaffolding with a forklift backstage…

This is what has happened over the last few weeks with The Big Dawg Roman Reigns.

Someone has tried to take him out.

Some people thought it was Samoa Joe.

Some people thought it was Braun Strowman or someone with a vendetta against Roman.

It was revealed this past Tuesday on Smackdown Live that it was Rowan who tried to take out Roman Reigns.

I don’t believe it’s that cut and dry.

A genuine and truthful reveal this early makes no sense.

So here are 3 different scenarios where this Roman Reigns situation could be headed.

Scenario #1: Rowan did it for his own reasons

When it was revealed by Buddy Murphy that Rowan did it, a lot of people were confused including Daniel Bryan. Rowan stood there smug. It’s hard to believe Rowan could do it but he could have his own reasons. He may be sick of Roman getting all the spotlight. Maybe he wanted to take out Roman to go up on the card. Maybe he wanted revenge. After all, The Shield and The Wyatt Family had history back in the day so maybe it is an extension of that. This could be a way to move Rowan away from Daniel Bryan and made into a singles star especially since he’s always been a tag team competitor since coming to WWE. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to see Rowan vs Roman, but it definitely could happen.

Scenario #2: Rowan did it for The Roc…Daniel Bryan

Obviously, this is the most likely scenario, ever since losing the Smackdown Tag Team Championship to The New Day, Daniel Bryan has been absolutely silent. Has not said a word. Then it was announced that he was going to make a career-altering announcement which again turned out to be more silence. Maybe this is his announcement with actions instead of words. If you remember, Roman and Bryan have history. They had that amazing Fastlane match the year of WrestleMania 30 where Bryan became WWE Champion by defeating Triple H, Randy Orton, and Batista all in the same night. This year he lost the WWE Championship to Kofi Kingston. Maybe attacking Roman is a way to get back to the WWE Championship. Maybe having Roman taken out is a way to put Bryan back into singles competition. And he got Rowan to do it for him. Making it seem like Rowan did it but actually, Bryan did it.

Scenario #3: Rowan didn’t do it, Bryan didn’t do it

Here’s a scenario that people haven’t thought about. Think back to the many WWE storylines that have been similar to this one. Remember in late 1999 and most of 2000, everybody was trying to find out who ran down Stone Cold Steve Austin in the parking garage at Survivor Series? Remember in 2001, everybody was trying to find out who was stalking The Undertaker’s then-wife Sara? In both of those situations, false accusations were thrown out and when someone lied and said it was one person, it was actually another person. Think about it in this scenario.

Buddy Murphy could have lied and said it was Rowan. Rowan acts as he did it, but he didn’t actually do it. It could be any number of people who actually did it. Maybe it is to set up Bray Wyatt’s next feud after Summerslam. Maybe this is a way to bring Harper back to television and have a Roman-Harper feud. Maybe it actually is Braun Strowman to bring back up his rivalry with Roman. Maybe it is Lars Sullivan who hasn’t been on TV for a while. Just because Rowan was seen backstage, it doesn’t mean that Rowan did it necessarily. 

This whole situation was thrown together so quickly and randomly. It was supposed to set up a Summerslam match for Roman. Now this will extend past Summerslam but where exactly is this going? 

We’ll have to just keep watching Smackdown Live and see how this shakes out.

J.D. Phillips