Antonio Brown to Green Bay?

After what we thought could be the end of Antonio Brown’s NFL career, it seems that the Green Bay Packers have a renewed interest in the former Pro Bowl wideout. One question about this situation is, what does this mean for the Packers team?

With Aaron Rodgers running the show in Wisconsin and Davante Adams nursing a toe injury; this could be a smart move for Green Bay. The depth at wide receiver for Green Bay is far from solid, bringing in Brown could help out this banged-up bunch. Brown would give Rodgers the target that hs so badly is missing right now.

You could also say this is a bad move for Green Bay given Brown’s offseason drama and his off the field controversy. Brown is a tremendous wide receiver when he’s playing. If he can shape up and work with this revamped Green Bay Packers offense, when Adams comes back, they would form one of the best duos in the league. This would even give them a huge edge over the rest of the NFC North. With a high powered offense and an extremely good defense, Green Bay is one of the best teams in the NFC.

We’ve all seen what Rodgers can do when he has his weapons; Adams and Brown may be the best WR combo Rodger’s has had. With Aaron Jones and Jaamal Williams running the ball well this Packers team will be dangerous come playoff time. If they can add Brown it will open the field up even more for them.

The Packers still have a great shot to make the playoffs without AB. However, adding another elite wide receiver could be the push they need to get over the hump.