Week 12 NFL Power Rankings Top 10

Week 12 NFL Power Rankings Top 10 https://twitter.com/Ravens/status/1196435641422270465?s=20 1.) Baltimore Ravens: Another merry go round of horses, zebras, and random benches in a big statement win. Baltimore has beaten the most

The Chicago Bears are Eggs Benedict

The Chicago Bears are Eggs Benedict In the culinary world, there is a group of five sauces that are known as the 'Mother Sauces.' These are five sauces that act as a foundation for every other sauce you can possibly make. One

NFL Week 9 Power Rankings-Power 10

Week 9 NFL Power 10 Power Rankings 1.) New England Patriots: Bill Belichick joins the 300 win club. Browns fans are happy cause their team is finally a part of history. 2.) New Orleans Saints: Latavius Murray earns his keep for the

NFL Top 10 Power Rankings

1. New England Patriots New England rolls along like a tumbleweed behind a broken-down barn against a Saquonless Giants. I don't know about you, but I for one can't wait until New England faces their 1st real challenge this

NFL Week 6 Power Top 10

1.New England Patriots New England's surprising defense is what separates them from Kansas City at this point in the season. Antonio Brown going back to Greenbow, Alabama to cut the grass might be the best thing that's happened to the