AFC West Week 5 Recap

Holy smokes folks! The season is going by so fast and before we know it its gonna be over. Alright, that’s enough depressing talk for now. The Chiefs aren’t robots after all! The Raiders come up with another huge win! The Chargers were the

AFC West Week 4 Recap

We are officially a quarter of the way through football season folks. The Chiefs keep their undefeated streak alive. The Chargers win in Miami for the first time in 38 years. The Raiders get a big win. The Broncos blow a lead to remain

AFC West Week 3 Breakdown

Not much has changed for the AFC West in week 3. The standings remain the same. Pat Mahomes is still on fire. The Raiders got melted. The Chargers are their own worst enemy and the Broncos… remain the Broncos. Standings

AFC West Week Two Division Breakdown

AFC West The second week of the NFL has taken place and things are looking almost identical to a season ago. The Chiefs dominate, the Chargers shoot themselves in the foot and the Broncos and Raiders struggle to find balance.

2019 NFL Predictions – Vol 7

All Everything Entertainment brings you our 2019 NFL Predictions. We will have an 8 part series featuring predictions from our NFL writers and correspondents. We will bring our predictions for each division winner, who will win and get

49ers Running Back Injured Again

The 49ers might have some bad news this morning as running back Jerick McKinnon, who is recovering from an ACL injury a year ago, had what has been described as a ‘flare-up’ in his knee. This news came out per Brian Murphy. Murphy is an AM

Top 5 Backup NFL Quarterbacks – 2019

There is no question that the quarterback position is the most important position for each team. However, the backup quarterback role is just as important. There are major injuries for quarterbacks each season, which means each team needs

Melvin Gordon-To Pay Or Not To Pay?

Things were going well for the Chargers this off-season. They had a solid draft, they added Thomas Davis, and most importantly their players were healthy. If you are a fan of the Chargers or a die hard NFL fan, then you know that when it

NBA 2019: Battle for Staples Center

This NBA off-season has been one for the history books. The 2019 draft class brought in many big-name players. Free agency has left many heads spinning with big-name players on the move as well as some interesting trades. Arguably,