WWE NXT Live On USA 10/9 Review

NXT on USA continues to bring the action to Wednesday nights. After last week, the landscape of NXT has changed. The return of Finn Balor to NXT for the first time in years. The return of Tommaso Ciampa to NXT for the first time

AEW Dynamite On TNT 10/9 Episode Preview

Last week, All Elite Wrestling exceeded expectations with their debut episode on TNT. They defeated WWE’s NXT and storylines were progressed for AEW Full Gear. Cody got attacked by Chris Jericho, Cody attacked Jericho, Jericho has a

PlayStation 5 Officially Debuts In 2020

With video gaming and technology in general, it’s about evolution. Every year, a new iPhone comes out...a new Apple Watch comes out…something new always comes out. In the video gaming world though, while games are constant throughout

AFC North Week 5 Recap

Over a quarter of the season has come and gone and the AFC North has been drastically transformed from previous years. It’s no longer a battle between Baltimore and Pittsburgh for ownership of the division. It is now between Baltimore and

WWE NXT Live On USA 10/2 Review

The third week of the Black and Yellow brand on USA Network and the first time NXT was two full hours only on USA. And with competition on another network in the same timeslot, NXT had to make some huge waves in this new Wednesday Night

AFC North Week 4 Recap

The AFC North has been a roller coaster of shockers and stunners since Week 1. This week has been no different. With the Ravens leading the division and the Browns second in the division, one of those two had to take the top spot. With

WWE NXT Live On USA 9/25 Review

One week after the Black and Yellow Brand debuted on USA Network, the reviews and ratings were immensely positive. The hype and anticipation lived up to expectation. Now Week 2 on USA has come and gone and there is so much to unpack here

New Era: WWE Shakes Up Commentary Teams

See what I did there? Shake up? Anyways, with Smackdown heading to FOX next week and RAW having its season premiere next week, WWE is making gradual changes to their commentary teams. No, unfortunately, there will still be