NFL Top 5 Running Back Tandems

We’ve already looked at who we thought were the best backup running backs in the league. Now let’s take a look at the top running back combinations. Honorable

End the NFL Preseason-Bring in the XFL

Could the preseason big a bigger waste of time? We rarely see teams play their starters and for good reasoning at that. No one wants to risk serious injury to anyone crucial to their regular season success. I don’t think any of us are mad

NFL Top 5 Backup Running Backs

Made a list on who I think is the 5 best backup running backs in the game today. Hope you guys enjoy. 5) Dion Lewis: Lewis was brought to Nashville during the exodus of Patriot players joining the titans and he hasn't disappointed.

How About Them Cowboys

Cowboys Operation: Override I was given the task of deciding what I would do when it comes to Zeke, Dak, and Amari contract situations. I'm going to imagine I was the General Manager of this franchise, working with little input from the

2019 NFL Preview- NFC South Edition

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Well, I think I speak for everyone when I say I’m excited to see what Bruce Arians has in store with a year spent to recharge in the broadcasting booth, he has put the old band back together brining in Byron

2019 NFL Preview- AFC South Edition

Jacksonville Jaguars Doug Marrone’s seat is one of the hottest in the league this season. Marrone has a defense with an abundance of talent and now they have a capable quarterback in Nick Foles. Will this Jaguar team go back to the

2019 NFL Preview- AFC North Edition

Cincinnati Bengals Finally, the Marvin Lewis era came to an end and it was its time. The cat with 9 lives has finally been put out of his misery. Zac Taylor, who was previously the Rams quarterbacks coach, was hired with the hope of

2019 NFL Preview- NFC North Edition

Detroit Lions Well, we still don’t really know a lot about this Detroit Lions team in general and this offseason still has me puzzled on what they are trying to get accomplished up in the Motor City. The Lions drafted a tight end

2019 NFL Preview- AFC East Edition

New York Jets This New York Jet team has a completely different vibe to it. Gone are the days of Todd Bowles and in with play-calling extraordinaire Adam Gase. Gase jettisoned out of Miami after his team quit on him last year and

NFL 2019 Preview- NFC East Edition

Washington Redskins Oh man, where to begin here. This will be Jay Gruden's last season in Washington as head coach; entering this year as a lame-duck head coach. Gruden has a rookie quarterback and decent pieces in his offense but

2019 NFL Preview- AFC West Edition

Denver Broncos In the offseason team, President John Elway said he wanted a coach that was a mastermind in his particular area. It didn't matter whether that was offensively or defensively. Insert Vic Fangio, the mastermind behind

NFL 2019 Preview- NFC West Edition

Arizona Cardinals With a rookie head coach in Kliff Kingsbury and quarterback Kyler Murray in place, it gives fans in the desert hope for the future. However, in the beginning, look for it to be very tough. Playing the Seahawks