Is the NFL the WWE in Disguise?

I am posing a serious question to you...Is the NFL the WWE in Disguise? When you put it into perspective it’s not that far fetched. As we all know the WWE is scripted by writers...almost like a soap opera. There is nothing wrong with

NFC West Week 4 Recap

Seahawks-27 @ Cardinals-10 Before we get into the game, we have to take a moment to recognize it. Larry Fitzgerald now is second to only Jerry Rice in career receptions. With this reception below, Larry Fitz passed Tony Gonzalez on the

Week 3 NFC West Recap

This week was an average week for the NFC West. The 49ers and Rams remained undefeated at 3-0 while the Seahawks and Cardinals took losses at home. Let's get into it. Rams-20 @ Browns-13 For the Rams, once again, the game would end