Bad Boys For Life-Bad Boys 3 Trailer & Preview

The latest trailer for the highly anticipated, third installment of the Bad Boys franchise was released today. It has all the shiny cinematic qualities from the other two, with the same comedic timing from Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Sprinkling in comedy into an action film, used to be a fool’s errand. The first two films broke the mold, and revitalized the buddy cop, sub genre. My only question is, will losing Michael Bay as director, make Bad Boys For Life lose it’s luster?

Bay gets flack, but he deserves praise for his gritty, yet illuminating visuals in the first two films. It wasn’t just blowing things up. Which the director gets reduced to. Newcomers, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah apparently won over Sony. As well as Martin Lawrence, who recently praised them. Saying it wasn’t Strange, Bay was gone. That Arbi and Fallah are still bringing that “Bad Boy Stuff”. Time will tell, and you know with Smith on board, he wouldn’t just phone in a film.

The Bad Boys franchise brings back nostalgia from the first film with how 90’s it was, while at the same time, seeming futuristic. Casting is so huge. Martin and Will were on top of the world when this whole thing started. Will went on to bigger heights, but Martin is deeply respected in the comedy game. Can the two masters of their craft, ride off into the sunset?

On January 17th, 2020, audiences will flood theaters to find out.