Bark Of The Dawg: Browns vs 49ers Week 5 Review


The Browns were tied but in 1st place in the AFC North after Week 4.

Things were great, momentum was high, spirits were lifted…

Did you notice those past tense words I just used?


Because the Browns were MASSACRED last night in San Francisco.

I will try to keep my composure and keep this article family-friendly but no promises.

Let’s break down the debacle that was on Monday Night Football.

Quarter 1: 14-3 49ers

Now let me start off by saying anytime you see me put the other team’s name in the header of the first quarter, the Browns have screwed up. Usually, it’s either a tie or the Browns ahead. Not here.

Cleveland received the ball to start the game and they did nothing with it. San Francisco got the ball and ONE FREAKING PLAY, runningback Matt Breida torched the Cleveland defense with an 83 yard rush for a touchdown. I guess Nick Chubb’s mega run from last week caught up to the Browns. 7-0 49ers

Browns got the ball back and Baker Mayfield continued to add to his interception collection, throwing an INT to star cornerback Richard Sherman. This has to stop. The proceeding two drives both ended in punts for both times.

San Francisco got the ball back and Matt Breida stuck it to the Browns again this time through the air thanks to a 5-yard pass from QB Jimmy Garoppolo. 14-0 49ers.

Cleveland gets the ball back and…Jesus Christ. Baker Mayfield fumbles the ball and loses it to the 49ers defense.

San Francisco gets the ball and misses a 47-yard field goal.

Browns get the ball back and had to settle for a field goal. 14-3 49ers.

Quarter 2: 21-3 49ers

The quarter began with the 49ers having the ball but they couldn’t convert on 4th down.

Then the misery continued…Mayfield threw his 2nd INT of the game, this time to CB K’Waun Williams.

On the back of that INT, San Francisco got into the endzone and scored off a Tevin Coleman rush for 19 yards. 21-3 49ers.

Cleveland continues to be pathetic and punts the ball back to the 49ers.

San Francisco missed another field goal to end the quarter.

Quarter 3: 28-3 49ers

San Francisco scores yet again with a Garoppolo pass to WR George Kittle. 28-3 49ers.

Cleveland punts…again.

49ers get the ball back and got their field goal attempt blocked.

Punt and punt to end the quarter.

Quarter 4: 31-3 49ers

Browns punt. 49ers punt. 49ers finally get a field goal. 31-3 49ers.

Browns punt. Game Over.

49ers win.


This team…is ridiculous. One week they’re on a high then they mess up and screw up.

The Offensive Line continues to be terrible.

Defense was poor only getting 2 sacks and allowing that big Breida TD.

Landry and OBJ were nonfactors.

Nick Chubb wasn’t as effective as he was in Week 4.


I didn’t want to say these words…

But it may be time to bench Baker Mayfield for a few weeks. This offense isn’t producing as they should.

This is going downhill FAST.


Coming off Monday Night Football, the Browns now go to Seattle to face Russell Wilson and the Seahawks. They will be the third AFC North team to play a game against Seattle this season. Pittsburgh couldn’t get the job done and neither could Cincinnati. Cleveland will be the third AFC North team to fall to the 4-1 Seahawks.


Browns 10 – Seahawks 30

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