Bark Of The Dawg: Browns Vs Jets Regular Season Week 2





All these words describe how bad the Cleveland Browns were last week against the Tennessee Titans. They committed more penalties in one game than the Patriots have all of last year…that probably isn’t an accurate fact but nevertheless it was bad. Now the Browns had the opportunity to redeem themselves against the New York Jets on the 2019 version of the first Monday Night Football game in 1970. Let’s go through this game and then we’ll preview Week 3:

Quarter 1: 6-0 Browns

So the game started with a field goal by Cleveland. 3-0 Browns. The Jets couldn’t convert on 3rd Down and punted the ball. The Browns then couldn’t convert a drive into 7 points but again, settled for 3. 6-0 Browns. The teams then traded punts to end the quarter.

Quarter 2: 16-3 Browns

Cleveland starts off the action in the 2nd Quarter by scoring a touchdown on a Nick Chubb run for 19 yards. 13-0 Browns. The Jets converted down the field only to score 3 points. 13-3 Browns. Cleveland and New York then traded punts. The Browns got a field goal to end the quarter. 16-3 Browns.

Quarter 3: 23-3 Browns

This was the biggest quarter for the Browns all because of one big play. More on that in a moment. The Jets got the ball to start the quarter and for the next four drives, the two teams couldn’t convert the drives into points. New York had a 4th down conversion that failed as well. Then the big play happened. A shotgun pass from Baker Mayfield to Odell Beckham Jr for 89 yards for a spectacular touchdown. 23-3 Browns. More of the same after that, punts and a turnover on downs by New York.

Quarter 4: 23-3 Browns

The fourth quarter was quiet. Baker Mayfield threw his 4th interception, unfortunately. The Jets then fumbled the ball. The Browns punted the ball and that’s the end of the game. Cleveland wins 23-3.


Baker Mayfield had over 300 yards, but he’s thrown 4 interceptions in just 2 games. That cannot continue if the Browns look to be a contender.

Nick Chubb finally got the ball. 62 yards, 1 TD but to stop these interceptions, the ball needs to be run more.

OBJ played like OBJ and that’s a great sign.

Defense got 4 sacks and kept Le’Veon Bell to 68 yards.


Coming off Monday Night Football, the Browns now go to Sunday Night Football as they face the LA Rams. Jared Goff has almost 500 yards passing so far and Todd Gurley has 160 rushing and their defense is no joke so I expect this to be a close game.


Browns 23 – Rams 20

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