Bark Of The Dawg: Browns vs Ravens Week 4 Review


One easy win over the New York Jets.

One embarrassment at the hands of the Tennessee Titans.

One close game against the Los Angeles Rams.

Second in the AFC North and having to face the Ravens to see who gets 1st place in the division.

Let’s see how the Browns did in the 1st meeting against the 2018 AFC North champion Baltimore Ravens:

Quarter 1: 7-0 Browns

This was a story of both Cleveland’s defense and Baltimore’s defense showing who is more dominant. Browns received the ball and did nothing with it. Ravens did the same in the following drive. Cleveland then got the ball back and surprisingly, after passing to Jarvis Landry and utilizing Nick Chubb on the ground, the Browns scored on a 9-yard touchdown to WR Ricky Seals-Jones. 7-0 Browns. Baltimore punts after being sacked during the drive to end the quarter.

Quarter 2: 10-7 Browns

The second quarter started with both teams not being able to convert. Then Baker Mayfield threw an unintentional interception when Jarvis Landry didn’t follow through on his route and stop before the ball got to him which caused the interception. Off the interception, Lamar Jackson capitalized with a drive ending with a 9 yard TD to WR Miles Boykin. 7-7 Tie. Browns get the field goal to end the quarter. 10-7 Browns.

Quarter 3: 24-18 Browns

Ravens get the ball to start the quarter but had to settle for a field goal. 10-10 Tie. Then Nick Chubb began his dominating performance by rushing for a 14-yard touchdown in the endzone. 17-10 Browns. Ravens had the ball afterward and Lamar Jackson fumbled the ball to the Browns Defense and turned the ball over.

In an out of character moment for Cleveland, they actually converted on a turnover forced by their defense and Chubb got his second rushing TD of the day. 24-10 Browns.

Baltimore got the ball back and Jackson got the Ravens closer with an 8-yard TD to WR Mark Andrews. 24-16 Browns. Then Baltimore went for two after the TD and succeeded. 24-18 Browns.

Quarter 4: 40-25 Browns

Nick Chubb started off the quarter with a bang as he went to the next county, rushing for 88 yards on one dash for the TD. 30-18 Browns. Two-point conversion failed.

After that, the Ravens got the ball back and went 4 and out. Browns score a field goal on the next possession. 33-18 Browns. Ravens have the ball and Jackson throws an INT to Jermaine Whitehead and turns over the ball back to Cleveland.

Browns did nothing with it though and had to punt. On the next Ravens drive, Jackson threw yet another INT, this time to Devaroe Lawrence. Cleveland went down the field and Dontrell Hillard got the touchdown in the endzone. 40-18 Browns.

Ravens get the ball and Jackson scored a TD from a 50-yard pass to WR Willie Snead. 40-25 Browns. Browns win.


Baker Mayfield had almost 350 yards and besides that incidental INT, he was really good.

Nick Chubb was DAT MAN. This is why Chubb needed to get the ball more so that he could go off like he did.

Jarvis Landry was sensational, getting almost 200 yards receiving.

Defense kept the pressure on Jackson and Mark Ingram as well.


Cleveland’s next game marks its SECOND Monday Night Football game this season as the Browns go to San Francisco to face Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers. So far Garoppolo has 739 yards, 5 TDs, 4 INTs with a 96.3 QB rating. The 49ers defense isn’t that effective even with Richard Sherman on the team, but they cannot be overlooked. I still think the Browns will pull out another win.


Browns 30 – 49ers 24

One quarter down, three more quarters of the season to go and Bark Of The Dawg will continue here on All Everything Entertainment.