Belfast Beatdown: WWE NXT Review for August 7th, 2019

Just 3 days away from NXT TakeOver Toronto, the black and yellow brand builds up to their big show in this episode. Now this episode was more promo package than wrestling, but NXT does promo packages so well that you honestly do not mind it. Let’s go through this week’s episode of NXT.

NXT Tag Team Championship Contract Signing

The show starts with William Regal in the ring, introducing the teams for this Saturday’s Tag Team Championship. Out first comes the Street Profits, doing their usual dancing and hyping the crowd. Then as Regal introduces The Undisputed Era, the Street Profits decided to have some fun and announce them to the ring. Referring to Kyle O’Reilly as O’Reilly’s Auto Parts and Bobby Fish as Laurence Fishburne. Then The Undisputed Era came out and the two teams did some pointless bantering and bad jokes and they signed the contracts. It was a mild and unnecessary contract signing but it doesn’t take away the hype for this match. Two great teams, four great talents but only one team can walk out NXT Tag Team Champions.

Joaquin Wilde vs Shane Thorne

NXT has put on a Breakout Tournament over the last number of weeks including 8 prospects that are on the rise and the winner of the tournament gets an instant title shot against any champion of his choosing. One of those bright stars is Joaquin Wilde. He is an absolute talent in the ring and even though he didn’t make it to the finals which now will be Cameron Grimes vs Jordan Myles on the taped episode in Toronto next week. Back to Wilde, he and former NXT Tag Team Champion Shane Thorne had one great match. Thorne prevailed though.

Belfast Beatdown

Ever since Killian Dain came back to NXT, he has targeted Matt Riddle. One week, he put Riddle through the stage with a cannonball. Now the two were supposed to have a match on this week’s episode but Dain wasn’t about to do that. He attacked Riddle before the match and even did a cannonball to Riddle into a set of steel steps. Dain and Riddle will have to wait but this feud is a great way to make Dain the monster he should have been years ago.

You Get A Promo, You Get A Promo, Everybody Gets A Promo

I joke around but if there is one thing NXT does brilliantly, it’s hyping up their TakeOver matches with wonderful promos. Four of the five matches were highlighted on this episode. The first was the Triple Threat match for the NXT North American Championship. It was so well put together. Velveteen Dream said no one is ready for the Experience. Pete Dunne says he will win the title and break his United Kingdom Championship record and hold the North American Championship for 2 years. Roderick Strong says neither of them deserve it and he’s the only one that does. I cannot wait to see this match personally.

Secondly was the NXT Women’s Championship Match promo. Mia Yim talked about her journey through life and how she will continue to prove herself for the fans because without them, she wouldn’t be in NXT. Baszler jumps in and says that Yim is street trash and that she isn’t on Baszler’s level. Yim then proceeds to say Baszler isn’t anything without Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke watching her back and since Yim has taken them out, Baszler has no excuses. Baszler says she will end Yim at NXT TakeOver Toronto.

Thirdly was a promo for the grudge match between Io Shirai and Candice LeRae. This was brilliant. It began with Shirai’s beginnings in NXT, being the nice Io and playing nice then they showed both of her losses to Shayna Baszler and then things turned dark. Shirai destroyed LeRae and completed her transformation from nice girl to lone soldier. It had Japanese translation and good music. It was just well put together and I look forward to seeing this match. Shirai has to win.

The final promo was a very in-depth and extended look at the NXT Championship match between champion Adam Cole Bay Bay and Johnny Wrestling Johnny Gargano. Gargano talked about his redemption and trying to become that Johnny Wrestling that he used to be. Gargano also went on to talk to former NXT superstars and former Universal Champion Finn Balor and Seth Rollins, wishing him luck on Saturday. 

Adam Cole explains how he’s been on The Bay Bay Championship Celebration Tour and that Johnny Gargano is a second-rate Adam Cole. The entire promo was wonderful. It was very in-depth, and I look forward to seeing their match on Saturday.

This NXT episode fulfilled its purpose. To completely hype NXT TakeOver Toronto. And the show will be amazing on Sunday. 

Stay Tuned to All Everything Entertainment to read the results of Sunday as I review NXT TakeOver Toronto LIVE this Saturday 7 EST on the WWE Network.

J.D. Phillips