Captain Marvel – Star Wars?

Rumors were ablaze all over twitter land the other day about Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) ending up as a ‘major character’ in a new Star Wars movie series. There is a lot to unfold about that and the reaction, but I want a small aside about the state of the Star Wars creative process.

Right now Disney is pumping out a movie for that universe every 2 years or less. If they do a spin off, all of them fit the same genre and same feel. This is causing burnout among its fans and they need to tone it down and just focus on making good movies, not rushed ones.

Now back to Brie Larson. The rumor was started by the announcement that Kevin Fiege had taken over as director for some unannounced Star Wars movie projects, suggested to be an Old Republic one. He was also said to be eyeing one of the stars of Marvel to take the lead in the movie and it immediately fell on Brie. Though it has been suggested she herself through her own name out there.

I’m ok with her being the main character in a Star Wars movie. Especially if it is her playing Bastila Shan from the Knights of the Old Republic. I cannot put into understandable words why, but I feel she would be a good fit for the role. Though I have to point out, I didn’t hate her in Captain Marvel.

That is another topic I want to talk about in regards to Geekdom and some of the darker traits we display. Generally speaking, it is about the treatment of ‘casuals’. People who only know what the movies have presented or are just getting into the things we have followed since we were in school.

I could browbeat everyone about how we need to be a more accepting community, but if I have to explain why then I cannot change your mind. The cliff notes are if you see someone just now learning about a subject you have a passion for, encourage them and give them a couple (one or two) options of what to read. Help them understand “Yes the Marvel universe is massive, but you can start with this.”

There is also the attacking of actors who do not portray their favorite characters perfectly. Examples being some of the attacks on Jared Leto and Brie Larson (which is what got me on this tangent.) A lot of the direction they take with these characters has to be directed at the larger corporate side of the business. Them paying for and controlling the script of a movie they do not understand the spirit of. (Looking at the DC universe as a whole.)

To close all of this up and sum it up.

TLDR: Brie Larson may be being considered for lead roles in an Old Republic movie series. She may have started the rumors herself and posted pictures of her dressed as Leia to troll her haters.