Carry on my Wayward Son’s The End of Supernatural

It’s already been 14 seasons and Supernatural is going to end it on their 15th. I’m going to do my best to keep the top half of this one spoiler-free, but the second half you should not read unless you are near caught up. So be warned for a few spoilers.

It all started with the phrase “Dad has gone hunting and hasn’t been home in a while.” That one phrase kicked off a multi-year adventure as the brothers Sam and Dean Winchester have saved each other and the world. Sometimes the world from them. Each actor showing an amazing range of skill for their craft.

The show has possession, and even a case of time displacement, forcing the actors to show off their abilities to be different people. The biggest example is Misha Collins, the resident Angel Castiel. Who has played the human version of his character, an Angel, Lucifer possessing said angel, evil Castiel and dark primordial creature imitating Castiel. Each being so different, even while he is talking to himself.

It is currently unknown what each actor is going to be doing post the show. Jensen Ackles has been suggested to play Red Hood, the rogue former Robin for some Batman project. He has already provided the voice for the character in the animated movie Batman: Under the Red Hood. Which he did a great job.

I am most interested in seeing what Misha will be doing. As stated before he is incredibly talented and has one of the most rabid fanbases out of the other major actors. Although, Jensen is pretty close.

If you haven’t already watched up to Season 14 of the show or have started watching it, I recommend starting. The show is an amazing road trip. There are admittedly some weaker seasons. The character development and the overarching story is still amazing.


Last season we saw the return of the former prophet Chuck. Who was later revealed to actually be God. It has been revealed to the viewing public that he was the one behind everything. Every world he created was nothing more than a rough draft for a character-driven story that went wrong. On the edge of completing his story, Dean and Sam went off the rails.

After seeing his masterpiece so close and fail, he decided “This is the end.” Last we saw everything that Sam and Dean had ever killed is brought back. Probably doesn’t include demons as they go to the void where he doesn’t have power. Even the void and the current Death are conspiring now to deal with God.

If this is not a build-up to an epic end, then someone needs to leave Hollywood. This is a season that takes 14 other seasons to make it this impactful. Everything that those two have fought and died for (several times) been for nothing more than a story.

Just the concept has me on the edge of my seat.

Right now we are seeing the brothers and Castiel being surrounded by zombies. We know they escape and even abandon their car. We know the Darkness is involved if she was ever real or just a mechanism for Chuck’s story.

Personally what I want is something very simple to happen. Doesn’t have to impact the overall story. Just one currently dead character and one line. I want to hear one last time.

“Hello boys.”

I want one last appearance of Mark Sheppard as Crowley. The elements are there, as the void who is responsible for all the dead angels and demons seems to be siding against Chuck. Probably not going to get my wish, but a man can hope.

TLDR; Watch the show.