Carson Wentz is Underrated

Carson Wentz is Underrated

In 2017 the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl. Since then they seem like a different team. During that Super Bowl run the former second overall pick Carson Wentz tore his ACL. Before the ACL tear, he was having an MVP type of season. As of now we still haven’t seen Wentz come back to that form, but is that really all his fault? 

Wentz has been playing with putrid wide receivers. His biggest threat on offense is Zach Ertz out of the tight end position. Arguably the best receiver on the Eagles right now is Desean Jackson and he’s currently injured. Nelson Agholor is the definition of butterfingers and alligator arms. Another big problem is that Agholor gets almost no separation from defensive backs. If you can’t get open and catch the ball Its really gonna make the quarterback look bad. 

The other receiver Wentz has to work with is Alshon Jeffery. Jeffery is a big target standing at 6’3, yet he has almost the same problems as Agholor, inconsistent. Jeffery is productive when he plays the problem with him is health. He just can’t stay on the field.

Even the running game isn’t there for Wentz. Jordan Howard is not an ideal starter at running back. Sure his stats look decent on paper but sometimes numbers don’t tell the true story. He doesn’t break tackles and is not very fast. The Eagles drafted Miles Sanders to alleviate some pressure off of Wentz but the running game is still average at best.

Wentz is extremely talented. He has a big frame and is very athletic. For someone so big he really has great speed, and his arm is an absolute cannon. The guy can simply make plays out of nothing, but this is a team game and Wentz needs help on the offense. This year it shows how bad the players are around him despite Ertz. The Eagles look like a shell of the team that won the Super Bowl. They currently sit at 6-7 but have a great chance to win the NFC East.

When you compare Wentz to other quality quarterbacks across the league he is very close in productivity. Which is a testament to his ability. Wentz has 3,165 passing yards this season on 22 touchdowns and 7 interceptions with a QBR of 90.8. All in all, for everything Wentz has to deal with around him he has had a productive season.

I have seen people all over social media calling Carson Wentz bad. Before you make that assessment take a deeper look. See what he has to work with and you tell me if he really is “bad.”