Casa De Papel AKA Money Heist on Netflix

Casa De Papel AKA Money Heist on Netflix is a modern masterpiece. Think about all the amazing heist movies like Inside Man, Oceans 11, Heat, and the Italian Job all composited together into a perfect TV show. Money Heist created by Alex Pina is a story about a group of thieves that plan to attack the Royal Mint of Spain, take hostages, stay inside for a lengthy time, and print their own untraceable money. They are lead by The Professor(Alvaro Morte) who has planned for every possible scenario. He teaches his team for six months inside a house to be prepared for anything. He has a large group that consists of a demolition expert, hacker, jewel thief, etc. They are fully prepared by the time they start their assault and once the hostage negotiator shows up it becomes an intriguing cat and mouse game, where the mouse knows the cats every move.

From start to finish this show looks like a very expensive movie. The sets are huge in scale with hundreds of extras and vehicles. I saw tons of beautiful practical effects and if there was any CGI, it was not noticeable. Each episode cost millions to produce and it shows, the final product is extraordinary.

Two of my favorite characters in the show Denver(Jaime Lorente) and Rio(Miguel Herran) also star in another amazing Netflix show Elite that has two seasons to date. It’s a dark drama that is definitely worth your time.

I almost didn’t watch this show because when I pressed play on Netflix it was dubbed over in English which I learned quickly after seeing the actor’s mouths not match what they were saying. So make sure you adjust your settings to the original language in Spanish and watch with subtitles.

I just binged watch the third season of this show and my God it was amazing. There are plenty of episodes that should keep you occupied for some time. Do yourself a huge favor and stop reading and watch this show right now, you will not be disappointed.