Catching You up on NWA Powerr: Everything You Need to Know, History, 10 Pounds of Gold, and More

The National Wrestling Alliance is enjoying a resurgence in the wrestling world due to the ever-growing influence that social media is having on the entertainment business. Add in the fact that Pro Wrestling is at its highest demand since the 90s and we have a recipe for success. The NWA recently launched its weekly series Powerrr on YouTube (the most recent episode is below) which is an older studio-style wrestling show (much like we saw back in Jim Crockett Promotions back in the 80s) that has been received greatly by fans and performers. We know about the success that the WWE and AEW are having right now but here are a few reasons to believe the NWA could return to prominence in the near future.

The History

When you ask some people what the NWA means a lot will answer the famous rap group from the 90s, others will answer the National Wrestling Alliance. What others may not know is the NWA is the grandfather of all of our favorite promotions of past and present. Promotions like the AWA, Jim Crockett Promotions, Smoky Mountain, Eastern Championship Wrestling (ECW), World Championship Wrestling (WCW), World Wrestling Federation (WWF), and Total Non-Stop Action (TNA). The NWA was a membership-based Board of Directors consisting of various regional promoters who operate as a governing body for the professional wrestling territory system. Promoters had the unwritten agreement that they wouldn’t go in each other’s territory out of respect for one another. However, most of the territories would go out of business by the late 80s in large part due to Vince McMahon Jr. taking over the WWF and expanding Nationally. What this means is he essentially raided every territory for their top performers to showcase on his new programming deal. Other promotions like WCW and ECW would stay afloat after breaking away from the NWA but by the 2000s Vince had run them all out of business. The NWA would give creative control of their championships to TNA in 2002 and they carried the NWA: TNA banner for 5 years. In 2007 the NWA decided to end the partnership and became a private organization.

List of Former NWA Champions

Over the next decade, the NWA would spend the time trying to establish itself as a singular promotion. From here we would start to see the NWA return to the National spotlight by doing work with wrestling from Hollywood, New Japan, and Ring of Honor. A large part of their resurgence came in 2017 when the promotion was bought by Smashing Pumpkins artist Billy Corgan. He would decide to buy the company after falling short on a deal to buy Impact Wrestling.

The History: Ten Pounds of Gold

In all sports, your ultimate goal is to win a Championship. Whether it’s the Stanley Cup Trophy or the Super Bowl it is a symbol of excellence. The history of a Championship should reflect the excellence that everyone before them worked so hard to achieve. The Ten Pounds of Gold does just that. Names such as the legendary Lou Thesz, Verne Gange, Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, Sting, Dan Severn, AJ Styles, Cody Rhodes, and current reigning Champion Nick Aldis.

NWA Powerr Full Episode

Now the Ten Pounds of Gold just like every other Championship comes with its list of guys who should have never come close to winning it. Guys like Rob Conway, Adam Pearce, Colt Cabana, Christian Cage, and Abyss (by DQ) but that happens every now and then. But…

The Ten Pounds of Gold is still the most prestigious World Championship in the business today. It is the longest-standing World Heavyweight Championship in Pro Wrestling.


ow that everyone has been given a brief on what exactly makes the NWA name so special, why should you want to watch Power? Well, for a few reasons.

1.) Provides an Alternative: If your one of those die-hard wrestling fans that love pro wrestling but can’t bare what comes on throughout the week then you should give Powerrr a chance. You’ll see a lot of performers you won’t recognize by name but that doesn’t mean they’re not good. Powerrr has a more authentic feel to it. It emulates old school pro wrestling and not sports entertainment.

2.) Creative Freedom: As a pro wrestler your job is to be an artist. Artists come up with their own ideas. Now in the WWE, it is impossible to achieve this anymore. But that isn’t a worry here on Powerr. Wrestlers have freedom in their promos so there is less of a cartoonish feel to it.

3.) Roster: I know I said you wouldn’t recognize some names on the roster but it actually is very talented. It is led by Nick Aldis, Eli Drake, Aron Stevens, Allysn Kay, Melina, The Rock n Roll Express, and Tim Storm. The roster is solid from top to bottom. BREAKING NEWS: NWA to be featured in RETROMANIA VIDEO GAME.

4.) Match Quality: Ever get frustrated watching Raw and Smackdown? You watch them build feuds for weeks on television, just for the match quality on the PPV or Network Special to suck. NWA avoids that because with a smaller audience they understand the importance of putting on a good show. This means less screwy finishes and better in-ring quality on both weekly episodes of Powerrr and their pay per views.

Pro Wrestling like other sports all have their ups and downs. I by no means am telling you that NWA is the next powerhouse in Pro Wrestling. Anytime you build something from the ground up it takes time and effort. You have to be patient. You have to crawl before you walk. NWA is currently at the walking phase of their rebuild. They are doing better than most wrestling companies manage to do. Let’s see if they can get to the next phase and start to run.

Again, if you haven’t watched NWA Powerrr and you are a wrestling fan you must check it out.

How do you guys feel about NWA? Tell us in the comments below.

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