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RWBY: A New Chapter

It's announced that Volume 7 of RWBY is being released Nov 2. This new season allows us to see a city we have only heard about in passing. We only got a glimpse of it at the end of Volume 6. Now we get to see all of it.

Horizon Zero Dawn…2?

Back in early 2017, a game that blew our minds was released, Horizon Zero Dawn. It snuck under the radar for me and blew my mind when Mad Techi told me I needed to play it. Partly because about four months previously he had sold his PS4

Robins: A Bird in the Hand

The iconic Batman of the DC universe needs to have the almost, just as iconic Robin talked about. Both have a long history in the stories of DC and they have not always been the same person. Some going on to form their own teams and all

DC Movieverse Dream: Batman

If you are going to start a movieverse I feel it has to start with Batman. Not just because he is one of the most popular characters, but because he can be used as a starting off point for the ‘modern’ rise in Superheroes. Not someone who

DC Movieverse Dream: Superman

I will be the first to admit that I am not a fan of Superman. I feel he is overpowered and is the one responsible for the ever-shifting power scale in DC. Not to mention the biggest culprit of the immortality of their characters. I will

DC Comics: Golden vs Silver

DC has a really long history. Longer than most of us have been alive. That is not unique to DC, Marvel has a decently long history, but DC does have something unique. Something they should leverage or draw on for future movies. Especially

Wolvie and His Extended Family

Wolverine, Logan, or James Howlett has a long history. Until recently (in comics) not all of it he could remember. He had accumulated different people that he viewed as family and at least two that are technically are. This is not a