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Vivarium Review

Vivarium is available to buy on digital and for rent on video on demand. Having finished the film, it was hard to tell whether they were going for a horror film or a sci-fi thriller.

Baseball Movies to Watch

As we are all in quarantine I know there are more than a few people drowning in their own tears from the lack of sports (myself might be included). As it is baseball season I am hurting to watch America's pastime. For the past few weeks, I

Every MCU Film Ranked

At the end of last week on Twitter, everyone argued which Marvel Cinematic Universe film was the worst. Well, we here at All Everything Entertainment has you covered as we go over every MCU film and where it ranked overall. Note, this list

New Spawn Movie Reboot 

A creature from hell that hunts down evil demons, devils, and angels alike. Spawn is a character straight out of someone's nightmare. That person's nightmare is Todd McFarlane. In a recent interview, Todd McFarlane the creator of the Spawn