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Sony May have Played Itself

Right now we are seeing a fight going on between Sony and Marvel/Disney. This is stopping Spiderman and all of his universes content from existing in the larger MCU. This has given rise to some storytelling problems as he was poised to

Sony and Disney Please Stop Fighting

I, like many of you, was heartbroken over the idea that Spiderman will no longer be apart of the MCU. That we were left that bomb at the end of Spiderman Far from Home and we will not get to see it play out inside the MCU. Most likely with

The Joker: The Final Laugh

The final trailer for the Joker movie has been released. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend doing so before continuing to read this. Even if somehow the movie flops, the trailers are amazing. Giving us little snips of a world that has

Dave Bautista wants to play DC Villain

Dave Bautista, of "The Guardians of the Galaxy " fame and also the recently-released underrated comedy "Stuber" has come out talking about a comic book character he would like to play. Known for his physique that he got while being a WWE

Netflix’s I Am Mother- Spoiler Free Review

Trust Me… I Am Mother I Am Mother was a suspense-filled, who do I trust conundrum. Although the trailer promised a little more action than the movie delivered, the suspense lingered the whole time. I

Spider-Man Needs Someone to Save Him

Spider-Man needs someone to save im  #Sonyisoverparty. After months of negotiations on their film franchise, it seems that Marvel and Sony cannot find a middle ground. Sony announced on Tuesday that Kevin Feige, who helped pilot the

Top Ten Will Smith Movies of All Time

We are here to talk about one of the greatest actors of my generation and all time. Really hope you enjoy this list, and as always please leave comments and opinions in our comment section below of all of our articles. Here We Go!!!!!